11/29/10 Pretty Good In The Neighborhood

Lizzy has been doing well and communicating more. She is definitely more aware of what is going on around her. I think that she might be slightly anemic. I noticed that her gums are pale and I too have been battling with anemia. Will start to give her some Floradix for the next few days and see what happens. I feel so much better when I am taking it.  When I was pregnant with her I was taking iron supplements so it would make sense that she is a little low.

Still battling the worm issue. Noticed them again tonight. I only gave her 1/4 tsp of Cina (homeopathic remedy for worms) because last time she had a MAJOR aggravation from 1 tsp. last April. Gave her another 1/4 tsp tonight. According to Parasites The Enemy Within by Hanna Kroeger MsD one should treat the entire household because they are very contagious. Oh brother! So tonight we all got a tsp. of Cina to prevent any further problems. I also recall that WW1 by Pure Herbs is great for prevention. One needs to take it once a month for a week to keep the problem in check. Who would have ever thought this would be an issue. EEEEEEK! They are so gross. They are everywhere all one can do is manage it.

Read up more on pinworms and discovered that they are very common in schools and institutions. Well the kids go to the play ground at the nearby school often. Of course my first thought was oh my God I have been negligent somehow. One just needs to wash their hands often and manage it every month with the herbal therapy mentioned before. Lizzy is still putting things in her mouth plus her fingers. So by the time I say “No Lizzy”, it was probably too late. Thought maybe it was from the dogs or cats. No. Pinworms are only found in humans. So much learning in so little time.

Lizzy did wake up quite a few times last night which is probably due to the worms. They cause insomnia among other things. So hopefully with the Cina she will sleep well again. My only concern is with Howard. I did not give him any Cina because of his age (4 months) so I must investigate further to find out what to do.

Did some cinematherapy last night and watched the movie Temple Grandin. It tells the story of Temple Grandin an autistic woman who is a professor at Colorado State University. What amazing women are depicted in the film. Temple’s mother and aunt were a huge part of helping her reach her potential. Temple Grandin was the first autistic to provide us with information on what is really going in her mind. Her books are wonderful. If you have not read them I strongly suggest it. They are very informative about autism in addition to visual learning. It helped me to see how my visual children learn. Great information!

Went outside to use my iphone last night and I came in and said “Hi Lizzy what are you doing?” She replied, “Ice cream (eating) what are you doing?” I answered her and told her I was talking to her dad on the phone. She smiled at me and continued to eat her ice cream. I love It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every day we are getting closer to full speech. YES!

Sorry no pictures tonight. Our computer is incredibly slow and takes forever to upload images. Will have it fixed soon. Sorry.  😦

Sweet dreams are wished to all, especially Lizzy Girl. She needs it and so does her mom.

Good Night

11 24 2010 Therapy, Shopping and Worms

music therapy 11 24 2010

Well last night was an absolute drag. Lizzy got up about 4 times. Each awakening included her infamous scream. I went to her rubbed her head and she fell back to sleep. Shortly after the same routine was repeated . Her loud screaming woke up Mattie, Katie and Howard. As 530am rolled around and the alarm sounded we were wiped out.

I managed to get in a nap before John arrived for Lizzy’s therapy. This session was not a good as last week. I think I need to stay completely out of the picture. It reminds me of the same reaction a parent gets when they drop their little one-off at school. They cry and fuss and once the parent is gone all is well. Next week I am going to leave right before the session starts and return after. Let’s see if the experiment works. I guess yes.

Just found out why Lizzy was up all night. Found some pinworms on her while changing her. Yuck! These things are so repulsive. “How dare they get on my baby!”

Give her Cina 200c one 1/4 tsp. Let’s hope that will be it. Cina is the homeopathic remedy for worms. Will confirm with Dori Vallis on Friday if I need to do anything else. I had a feeling she had some. She has been playing with feet, picking her nose, putting her hand down her pants in the back. Viola there they were, little creeps.

Where did she get them? According to what I read it could be food, dirt, mosquito bites. I know when we are outside she touches all kinds of stuff. She still puts things in her mouth from time to time. So there it is. Now I just need to eliminate the little buggers. Will purchase some ww1 from Pure Herbs it is great way to prevent them from resurfacing. The full moon is the time when they are most active. That just ended a few days ago. Oh man. Poor little Chickidee. There is always something.


Lizzy 11 24 10

Well today Lizzy, Martin, Amelia and I went grocery shopping for our Thanksgiving dinner. She did very well. As we were deciding which organic sugar to buy she said to the lady next to her, “Hello”. I rewarded her with praise and the lady looked at me like what is the big deal. It was HUGE for me. I clamored to find Amelia and Martin to share the news. Amelia spots me and says, “Mom what’s wrong?” I explained tearfully how cool it was. Even now my heart is singing! All in good time.

We left the store and proceeded to the drug store and I purchased some balloons for her. One of her favorites. She just treasures them. I also purchased her an umbrella with flowers and a chocolate bar. Two more favorites. Her behavior was great!!! Thank you God. I needed that after last night. See. It pays to be a passenger when He is driving.

Well I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving. I encourage you to share with those around you how much you love them and thank God for them and all of the blessings we are given every day.

Sweet Dreams



11/23/10 All In Good Time

Lizzy and Nellie 11/2010

Well hello again. Lizzy has been doing well and we rescheduled her last appt. with Dori Vallis ND. I did not feel well at all. Bladder problems. Took some Staphysagria and it knocked it right back in to place.

Lizzy has been hanging out with her friend Nellie more. Poor Nellie has been scratching her ears again and developed a sore from it. Lizzy discovered this and said ” Oh you poor thing are you alright?” What a wonderful thing. Not only is she speaking but she is aware of another’s suffering.

Lizzy and Nellie 11/2010

As you might recall we are trying to treat Nellie  with homeopathy. I have decided to give her Aconite 30c to help with her ears.  Aconite is given for sudden fright and other things. The sudden fright is the reason I chose it. One of Nellie’s siblings was killed when it was a very small puppy. My guess is Nellie witnessed it. When I went to she her and her siblings Nellie was hiding behind a box. I went up to her and her owner said ” We call her Peek a Boo because she hides all of the time.”  And typical Amy style I chose to bring “Peek a Boo” home with us. Todd and  I are the ones who buy the crooked Christmas tree that is cast out or anything else in need of love.

As I reflected on this I looked up what else Aconite does and it is also an anti inflammatory.  Eureka!!! Her ears were inflamed again last time I cleaned them. Gave her the 30c and the next day at cleaning time the swelling and redness had lessened considerably. Thank God. We are probably on the right track. I hate to see this dog suffer. Lizzy feels the same way. She loves Nellie so much. Nellie and Lizzy will help each other heal and recover. I believe it will happen at the same time. I have always felt these two had some special connection.

Well we finished the room where Lizzy will be doing her music therapy. It has a great feel. No clutter, calm blue walls with white trim plus yellow and orange accents. Our goal is to redo the entire house like this. I feel it will help every one of us. Plus it removes all of the old funky vibe from the previous tenants and the difficult times we have had. All of that tension and anxiety snow balls and all of a sudden the entire house has a funky feel. So new paint in addition to cleaning with mint and vanilla will help to keep it pleasant for everyone.

Lizzy 11/2010

Lizzy’s behavior has been pretty good. I have been talking to her as if she were Todd or one of the older kids. What a difference. I am not sure why I did not do this earlier. I speak to her in sentences but now I am speaking to her more in-depth. I talk and she does not reply but I keep going on about the weather, her sleep, how we are trying to help her and stuff like that.

I feel now that she is in a place where all of these conversations we have with her will be responded to. My feelings also lead me to believe that she has reached a crossroad. She must let go of her old existence and move forward to a new place where she can feel comfortable and part of all that is around her. I feel that she needs to be able to trust us and herself in order to come out from where she has been the last 4 years. Like all of us it is hard to let go of old habits. Especially the ones that keep us from going forward. It can be frightening for all of us. We need to let go of the rock we have been holding on to and see what lies down the road. God will always provide what is needed. It is just a matter of having faith in His will and allow Him to drive.

Let Him drive

What helps me is to envision myself as a passenger on a bus and God is the driver. I am sitting in a seat close to Him and the steering wheel. From time to time I feel the need to reach over and try to steer. I stop myself and remember to get back where I belong and let Him take me to the destinations that He knows will benefit me most.  Not quite so easy sometimes. In time I too will learn to let go of an old habit and be ever faithful. We all have something to learn.

Wednesday 11/24 is music therapy time and prep for Thanksgiving. Plus we will be celebrating Lizzy’s Bday and mine. Another reason is it will be 17 years ago that our precious Amelia came home after being in the hospital with bacterial meningitis. What a wonderful day that was! So every year that Thanksgiving falls on the 25 th we have an extra celebration.

Ever hopeful that tomorrow will bring more changes. God willing we all will see the benefits from this journey and others that are soon to come.

Sweet Dreams To All

11/15/2010 Another Fork In The Road

Hello All

Lizzy woke up last night at 2am screaming. Todd went to her and rubbed her head until she fell back to sleep. Very typical of her when she is ready to get on a remedy. Slowly old behaviors surface with less severity. She is definitely ready. Her appointment with Dori Vallis ND is this Thursday the 18th. The third round of CEASE therapy will commence soon. We are very anxious to see where Lizzy is leading us now that we have hit another fork in the road.

Decided to continue to follow-up with the osteopath in addition to the CEASE therapy. Her response is close to miraculous. Osteopathy and homeopathy dove tail each other perfectly. These two therapies do wonders for her and myself. Now that I am comfortable with the CEASE therapy I can get a clear reading as to what is going on and what she needs.

I  feel sooooo much better after seeing him. He is an absolute healer. I feel that Lizzy knows that Dr. Goldman D.O. helps her. She is very anxious to go see him and very communicative with him and his staff. The receptionist Diane is very indulgent with Lizzy. She always allows Lizzy access to their telephone. On her last visit, she was pretending to talk on the phone. Her ability to engage in imaginative play is wonderful to see. We are so blessed that God has brought us to these wonderful people who are helping us on this journey. Miracles abound us. One just needs to keep their eyes open and faithful to His plan.

Lizzy 11 15 10

Lizzy has been using her fork to eat again. YEAH! Her response to her surroundings has been wonderful. She is engaging and willing to be more of a participant and not a spectator. Her maturity is amazing and wonderful. We are all so pleased.

Todd sent Lizzy a birthday card from Jib Jab and she loved it. Jib Jab provides e cards with great animation. She wanted to watch it over and over again.

MacBook Pro

We have been using Todd’s MacBook and she was very interested in using the mouse. I think  Macs are so much better than a PC. Her tactile learning style is perfect for this computer. We need to purchase one for her ASAP. Before we could not get her to place her hand on the traditional mouse. The Mac is her style. What is not to like? Mac’s are great! We would have one for each of our kids if the money was there. Again, patience. God’s timetable not ours.

Katie 11 15 10

Mattie park 11 14 10

All is quiet tonight and all of the “Littles” are fast asleep. The three of them (Lizzy, Mattie and Katie) have been bouncing off of each other. Literally, they are “bonking” one another and playfully pulling or chasing each other. It is very cool to see to them playing together. I just wish they had not chosen to impersonate the Three Stooges. Especially Katie, she is so little but as tough as nails. She holds her own and then some. Where did it come from? I guess watching their older brothers. There is always some battle ensuing or creature to run from in our back yard.

Another challenge is Katie and Mattie have adopted Lizzy’s habit of screaming. Lizzy has not been screaming lately, but she did earlier. These little one’s look up to their big sisters and brothers. Their influence is very pwerful. We have been trying to undo these habits but it takes time.  I pray that it happens soon.  I find myself exhaling out of sheer exasperation.  I am turning in to quite the whale impersonator. With all of my postpartum pounds in place I thank God whaling was outlawed or I would be in real trouble.

Well tomorrow is another day and a fresh start. Thank God for that! May we all rest well.

Sweet Dreams!

Everybody Loves Lizzy 11/13/2010

Hello All! We are back up and running.

Lizzy and John 11 2010

Lizzy has been doing very well and her trips to her osteopath have made a world of difference. Since she had not been for quite some time she did act out a wee bit after the first visit. Her second visit was yesterday and she was very cooperative and communicative.

Her music therapy is going very well also. She likes John very much. As Amelia stated in our last entry we have been working on a room for them to work so she is not easily distracted. Viola! It had great results. She even sat on his lap.

As they worked together John started to sing You Are My Sunshine.

You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You’ll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don’t take my sunshine away.

That was enough for me to start crying and fall apart. No one noticed because I snuck off to another room. Some wounds take longer to heal. Some are closer to the bone and never fully heal. I know that I feel very positive about Lizzy’s recovery, but our family’s recovery will take much longer.

Willy was in on this session and I am planning on using him for a while. Lizzy responds well to Willy and his voice is something that she has heard since before she was born. Willy would come up to me and I would tell him to talk to his baby sister. He would do it every time he felt like it.  After she was born, he looked at her and said the same thing he always had to her. “Hi Elizabeth it’s me Willy!”  She looked at him with such fondness and comfort it was very sweet.  Thanks Willy!

Back to the room where we have her therapy. The room pictured above is the old location we used. The new location is a very pale blue with brown flooring. Orange and yellow accents will be added  ie: plants and paintings. The goal is to get the entire house like this. Very simple. No clutter.

Lizzy's new favorite Everybody Loves Raymond

Lizzy loves Everybody Loves Raymond. The Barone home is full of clutter and tension. This encourages one to feel the same way. There is no place for the eye to rest. In turn your mind can not rest  and one feels it. So our goal is to eliminate the junk. It slowly crept up on us after Howard arrived. Not intentional.

How funny. That is exactly what we are trying to do for Lizzy. Unclutter her mind. Help her to make sense of things and to be at peace in her environment. I am in need of the same thing. Have been reflecting on how I feel about things and am coming to some major conclusions.

Amy and Howard 11 2010

Baby Howard’s delivery was a very poor experience. The staff was very tense with each other and the MD did not provide a peaceful environment. It took me 12 weeks to realize what was truly bothering me. I felt robbed. Robbed of a beautiful delivery with my precious little boy. Robbed of time from Lizzy due to her autism. Robbed of time with Amelia when she was a baby. Robbed of time with my Dad because he did not come around. Robbed of time with my uncle who passed away when I was 7. Time is such a precious thing. These times will never be acquired again.

The real shame is the time that I spent being upset about it. That robbed my husband mom, and kids of me being joyous. What to do? I firmly believe that there is always a purpose for things. Now I can be more at peace about things and teach my kids how to work through their feelings. Just like Lizzy we all need some TLC from time to time. I know that Todd and the kids understand and will forgive me. They are an awesome bunch. That is what family does. We carry each other from time to time.

Well it is after 8pm and all is well. Hopefully we will have sweet dreams. Good Night!


Hey Everybody!!!!!!

It’s me Amelia. Mom’s off duty so I’m going to give some small, quick highlights on whats be happening lately. The reason why there hasn’t be any posts for a while is because our computer was down, but as you can tell we fixed that problem.

Lizzy has been a lot more responsive lately. She gave me hug when I asked  for one today. She played with Mattie yesterday and actually playing with him. Lizzy, Mattie, and Katie shared some Halloween candy form Papa Matt. Lizzy also went on a lollypop craze  eating ever single one she could get her hands on. As for Mom she reorganized and painted the TV room  so when Lulu’s therapist comes over the two of them have nice, quiet place to work. It’s not quit finished yet just a few touch ups. The color of the room is a very pale blue. We read that blue in a pale value is very calming and soothing. By the way John came today, Willie helped out, and Mom said it went well. I guess the new room had that positive effect we were looking for. Tomorrow is Lizzy’s birthday, but we’re going to celebrate on Thanksgiving because it’s also on Mom’s B-day. It will be SUPER !!!!!!!!!

Well, it’s my bedtime so, I bid you all a goodnight and pleasant dreams.