10/09/2010 Cooperation With Cuprum

Well, Miss Lizzy did not want to go to sleep last night. She was suffering from “Goldilocks Syndrome” and was quite a challenge. She finally crashed at about 2 am and woke up at 1030 am.

Today we celebrated her baby brother’s third birthday. Lizzy did not say too much at first. Amelia and I took her for a walk after Todd, Grandma and Katie left to go the market. Lizzy wanted to accompany them but we knew it would turn into a fiasco if she went along. The market is about 40 minutes away and the trip would be too much. So we went for a walk instead.


10 09 2010


Today was a beautiful day. Autumn in New England……. there is nothing like it. We walked to the florist shop and I hoped to give Lizzy a lesson on flowers and plants. Instead it turned in to a plush animal shopping trip. Lizzy had received her Cuprum, so she was very cooperative. As she walked around the store and eyed the plush animals she behaved like any other 6-year-old who was trying to decide which one to choose. Finally she decided to purchase a small pink pig.  As we walked back home she dropped her newly acquired friend on the ground. She did not say anything. Amelia realized that she had dropped “Pies” so Amelia went back to retrieve it. Lizzy named him “Pies” after the Word World episode where the pig eats all of the pies he had to sell. Very cute!


10 09 2010 Lizzy at the park


As we walked home we passed the school and playground. Lizzy said “Slide”. So off we went to  play and have fun. She loves the slide and climbing on the play equipment. I tried to get her to hold on to the monkey bars but no go. She did not try to hold on so we will try it again some other time.



Lizzy 10 09 2010


We played until she became bored and back home we went to get ready for Mattie’s party. After all of the presents were placed and birthday sign put up she was very excited. “Birthday, birthday!” We had to remind her quite a few times to leave his gifts alone and she finally did.

We had cake and ice cream and she had a great time. Lizzy is now fast asleep and tired from the day. I love when she has a good day, we all needed it. Hoping for sweet dreams and more beautiful days like today. Good night to all.

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