10 02 2010 and 10 03 2010 Understanding Each Other

10 02 2010

Lizzy and Nellie 10 03 2010

Lizzy received her Cuprum constitutional remedy today. She seems a little better than yesterday. She is still very noise sensitive and not talking as much. As stated before this is very typical of someone who is on remedies. All of these behaviors are old that resurface with less severity.

Lizzy slept through the night and woke up in a fair mood.


Today was filled with low talking and some screaming. Her appetite is fair and she wants to spend a lot of time in her room playing. Today Mattie picked up one of her toys and she screamed and then grabbed him in anger. I told her to let go and scolded her. This is an indication that she is not feeling her best and reverting back to old behavior.

This evening she hit Willy. I do not know why. Her hitting people is an old behavior coming to the surface again. Will call Dori Vallis ND tomorrow and inquire.

Lizzy loves our dog Nellie. It so amazing to me because they both have conditions that are very difficult to read. Both of them can not tell us what they feel or need so it is a major investigation for all concerned. Nellie suffers from yeast infections and Lizzy has autism. I feel that they understand each other.  Their conditions are the common thread. As you can see in the picture above they are very close and enjoy each others company very much.

Nellie 2004

I stated in the past about Nellie and how difficult it has been trying to help her with the yeast infections that manifest in her ears. We clean them everyday and they are always loaded with yellow gunk. Have tried every approach in treating her. Now I am focusing on homeopathic remedies and herbs. I am going to call her vet and see what she recommends. This poor dog. Like Lizzy it is a very heart breaking thing. I know exactly how it feels to have ear pain. It is horrible and maddening.

As of 11pm Lizzy took her clothes off again and wet her sheets. We changed her linens got her dressed and tucked her in bed. She has a small red mark in her private area that might be causing the irritation. Applied Calendula cream which works great.

She does not want to be naked she just wanted the wet pull up off. The reason I know this is because she was trying to put on new pants when I entered her room. Lizzy opened her drawer made a selection and was attempting to dress herself. Very cool. As I said, there is always a purpose for things.

We tucked her back in bed and got ready to put up a safety gate.We have to do this at night so she is not wandering around the house unsupervised. As Martin was putting it up he said “Okay Lizzy, good night I’m putting the gate up.” Lizzy replied, “It’s about time!” That’s a first. Again out of disaster comes opportunity, and there it is.

I pray for another restful night and strength for tomorrow. DTaP 200C will be administered so we’ll see what happens. I am preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams

2 thoughts on “10 02 2010 and 10 03 2010 Understanding Each Other

  1. Precious Elizabeth, I love you!

    You have touched my heart so many miles apart from each other. May the Lord be with you and give you peace and healing.

    You are right, it’s about time. Waiting isn’t easy when we wait for the Lord to show us His perfect timing. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit fill you with His grace and peace as you go through your journey.

    You are in God’s hands.

    Bless you sweet girl!
    Aunt Cindy

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