Lizzy 10 14 2010


Today Lizzy received her second dose of DTaP 1M. Her behavior has been pretty good. She did have a minor meltdown while dinner was being prepared. She wanted to eat dinner before it was ready.

She spied the rigatoni on the counter and wanted to eat at that moment. Grunting and screaming began and we appeased her with explanations and some peanuts. After that small fire was extinguished she enjoyed her meal and continued to play with her toys.

Matthew and Lizzy were playing together today by chasing each other around the house. It is very rainy today so I indulged their behavior. It was a real pleasure to see them interacting with one another instead of fighting. As stated before these two have issues from time to time.


Lizzy 10 14 2010


Lizzy has been very affectionate to her Grandma. She goes up to her through out the day and gets a hug and a kiss. It is very touching. Lizzy is really doing pretty well with this clearing. I thought it would be more problematic. Thank God that it hasn’t been.

I am still battling my cracked tooth. I go in for a root canal tomorrow. Hopefully I will get some relief. I am spent, tired and in constant pain. When it rains it pours. Thank God Lizzy has not been difficult and she is not in any discomfort. When she is my heart becomes very heavy and it is very difficult to bounce back. We are only given what we can handle.

I just reflected on one of my favorite quotations by Mother Theresa. It always helps me to feel better.

“I know God won’t give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.”
Mother Teresa

With God’s strength one can do anything. It is our humanness that gets in the way and keeps us from achieving. We are our worst enemies, how unfortunate for us.

As of 8 pm Lizzy is doing fine and all of the little ones have been bathed and ready for bed. I hope for an uninterrupted night’s sleep. If not, I will reflect on Mother Teresa’s quote and lean on the Lord. Too bad I did not do that at the beginning of the day. I never learn. Thank God I get another chance tomorrow.

Sweet Dream to All



CEASE  Therapy DTaP 1M round 1.


10 11 2010


Within one hour of giving Lizzy the remedy she is grunting and is very noise sensitive. Her appetite is fair and her communication is poor.

Took her and Mattie for a walk and a trip to the playground before lunch. They had a good time. I feel that this level is going to be difficult.   I hope I am mistaken. Time will tell.

As of 5pm she is doing pretty well. She is still grunting and squaking, no talking. This is how it goes with remedies. When the body is healing we all are more subdued.

As of 11pm Lizzy is happy and awake. Hopefully we will all have a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow is a new day full of new things.  Until then……….. sweet dreams!

10/09/2010 Cooperation With Cuprum

Well, Miss Lizzy did not want to go to sleep last night. She was suffering from “Goldilocks Syndrome” and was quite a challenge. She finally crashed at about 2 am and woke up at 1030 am.

Today we celebrated her baby brother’s third birthday. Lizzy did not say too much at first. Amelia and I took her for a walk after Todd, Grandma and Katie left to go the market. Lizzy wanted to accompany them but we knew it would turn into a fiasco if she went along. The market is about 40 minutes away and the trip would be too much. So we went for a walk instead.


10 09 2010


Today was a beautiful day. Autumn in New England……. there is nothing like it. We walked to the florist shop and I hoped to give Lizzy a lesson on flowers and plants. Instead it turned in to a plush animal shopping trip. Lizzy had received her Cuprum, so she was very cooperative. As she walked around the store and eyed the plush animals she behaved like any other 6-year-old who was trying to decide which one to choose. Finally she decided to purchase a small pink pig.  As we walked back home she dropped her newly acquired friend on the ground. She did not say anything. Amelia realized that she had dropped “Pies” so Amelia went back to retrieve it. Lizzy named him “Pies” after the Word World episode where the pig eats all of the pies he had to sell. Very cute!


10 09 2010 Lizzy at the park


As we walked home we passed the school and playground. Lizzy said “Slide”. So off we went to  play and have fun. She loves the slide and climbing on the play equipment. I tried to get her to hold on to the monkey bars but no go. She did not try to hold on so we will try it again some other time.



Lizzy 10 09 2010


We played until she became bored and back home we went to get ready for Mattie’s party. After all of the presents were placed and birthday sign put up she was very excited. “Birthday, birthday!” We had to remind her quite a few times to leave his gifts alone and she finally did.

We had cake and ice cream and she had a great time. Lizzy is now fast asleep and tired from the day. I love when she has a good day, we all needed it. Hoping for sweet dreams and more beautiful days like today. Good night to all.

A Lot of The Same/ Babies, Babies, Babies 10/5 to 10/8

Lizzy has been exhibiting the same behavior with her 2nd round of DTaP 200C. Noise sensitive and very quiet. Her sleep is off and she is staying awake until about 2am each night. About 11pm she is bored so she starts to wreck her room by taking out every toy and every book. She then proceeds to throw them around the room.

Sounds like she is adding on a whole new wing upstairs. So to say the least we are tired. We also had to reschedule her time with the music therapist. Mornings are not going to work so we will be starting with a new therapist next week. We are hoping that he will be a good fit.

I am battling a sinus infection and a cracked tooth so my strength is at an all time low. Have been trying to rest but it is difficult when Lizzy starts “redecorating”. Todd has been working a lot too so he is tired. Last night Todd slept downstairs with Howard so I could get some uninterrupted sleep. Not a chance. Miss Lizzy was awake and reorganizing her room. Thanks for trying Todd!

Tomorrow we give her another dose of Cuprum. I hope it helps. I did not see much of a change last weekend. Might need to change the potency. We’ll see.


"Noise, noise, noise"


As of 6pm she is still pretty mellow unless one of the babies start to fuss. Lizzy has been covering her ears when one of the babies begin to fuss or cry. While covering her ears she says, “Babies, babies, babies!” Just like the Grinch she can not tolerate it at all right now. Poor thing. We separate them asap and help to alleviate her sensitivity but it still bothers her. Plus she still bangs her head on whatever is close by. That always disturbs me. I do not want her to hurt herself. Need to ask Dori Vallis ND about it. Her remedy picture might be changing. I do not know what remedy she is calling for at the present time, I am still learning. After tomorrow I will have a better idea if the Cuprum is doing anything at all.


Hand Bells with Notes Labeled on Top


Purchased some hand bells for Lizzy at a local bookstore. Have been looking for these for a while. She ADORES them. It sounds like the Salvation Army is calling for donations over here. It is so cute to see her ringing them. Mattie and Katie love them too. When it is time to put them away at 8pm she is not thrilled about it. Another exercise in learning. The first night was not easy but she is in full compliance as of Thursday. Good job Lizzy!

Let’s hope for the best tonight. Sweet Dreams to all


10 04 2010 Up Down

Welcome to round two of CEASE therapy. Gave Lizzy her remedy at about 5pm. Lots of screaming low communication. Here we go again.

Gave her one dilution at 9pm she calmed down a bit. She is still pushing on her lower abdomen and screaming. Now she is saying “Up Down ” as she pushes her stomach.

Her appetite is low today so I decided to make her some popcorn at 10pm. She loves it! I am hoping that she will  go to bed with a full belly and fall to sleep quickly. We’ll see.

I pray for a peaceful night and full recovery.

Sweet dreams zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

10 02 2010 and 10 03 2010 Understanding Each Other

10 02 2010

Lizzy and Nellie 10 03 2010

Lizzy received her Cuprum constitutional remedy today. She seems a little better than yesterday. She is still very noise sensitive and not talking as much. As stated before this is very typical of someone who is on remedies. All of these behaviors are old that resurface with less severity.

Lizzy slept through the night and woke up in a fair mood.


Today was filled with low talking and some screaming. Her appetite is fair and she wants to spend a lot of time in her room playing. Today Mattie picked up one of her toys and she screamed and then grabbed him in anger. I told her to let go and scolded her. This is an indication that she is not feeling her best and reverting back to old behavior.

This evening she hit Willy. I do not know why. Her hitting people is an old behavior coming to the surface again. Will call Dori Vallis ND tomorrow and inquire.

Lizzy loves our dog Nellie. It so amazing to me because they both have conditions that are very difficult to read. Both of them can not tell us what they feel or need so it is a major investigation for all concerned. Nellie suffers from yeast infections and Lizzy has autism. I feel that they understand each other.  Their conditions are the common thread. As you can see in the picture above they are very close and enjoy each others company very much.

Nellie 2004

I stated in the past about Nellie and how difficult it has been trying to help her with the yeast infections that manifest in her ears. We clean them everyday and they are always loaded with yellow gunk. Have tried every approach in treating her. Now I am focusing on homeopathic remedies and herbs. I am going to call her vet and see what she recommends. This poor dog. Like Lizzy it is a very heart breaking thing. I know exactly how it feels to have ear pain. It is horrible and maddening.

As of 11pm Lizzy took her clothes off again and wet her sheets. We changed her linens got her dressed and tucked her in bed. She has a small red mark in her private area that might be causing the irritation. Applied Calendula cream which works great.

She does not want to be naked she just wanted the wet pull up off. The reason I know this is because she was trying to put on new pants when I entered her room. Lizzy opened her drawer made a selection and was attempting to dress herself. Very cool. As I said, there is always a purpose for things.

We tucked her back in bed and got ready to put up a safety gate.We have to do this at night so she is not wandering around the house unsupervised. As Martin was putting it up he said “Okay Lizzy, good night I’m putting the gate up.” Lizzy replied, “It’s about time!” That’s a first. Again out of disaster comes opportunity, and there it is.

I pray for another restful night and strength for tomorrow. DTaP 200C will be administered so we’ll see what happens. I am preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams

09 28 2010 to 10 01 2010 “My Glass I Need Them”

Lizzy 09 29 2010

Second clearing was started today. Lizzy handled the first one pretty well except for giving one dilution after 24 hours. Her sleep was off also. She was awakened by something but went back to sleep easily.

Her noise sensitivity has increased significantly. Katie was crying and Lizzy placed her hands on Katie’s throat. Oh man, Katie was very upset and so were we. These are the moments that make my heart heavy.

9/30/2010 evening to 10/01/2010

At 9pm Lizzy started screaming. “Help!” “Doctor!” Aggravation time. Gave her one dilution and one Altoid. She was so uncomfortable and screaming with all she had. Within 20 minutes she was back to her old self. Sleep came next.

It was 2am and it started all over again. “Help, doctor! My glasses I need them.” Again we gave her another dilution. As I sat on her bed holding her I prayed for God to heal her.  Within 10 minutes she was watching Elmo and jumping on her bed.  Thank God! Ian and Martin were helping me the whole time. Thanks guys! You are the BEST!

Velma lost her glasses

Now let’s explain “My glasses I need them.”Lizzy loves Scooby Doo. The character Velma is loosing her glasses off and on and cries out “My glasses I need them.” Lizzy quotes this line when she is need of help. Tonight during the two aggravations she was repeating this over and over again. “My glasses I need them! Doctor! Help!” Our poor baby girl. Dear God give her strength.

The dilutions we are referring to are the same remedy given earlier only diluted. We take 3 drops of the DTaP remedy administered earlier and place it  in one cup of water and give 1 teaspoon from that one cup. The dilutions help tremendously.

I have not seen her this upset for a long time. She acts as if she is in pain. I wish she could communicate exactly what she is feeling. It would help me understand things more. Would it lessen her pain or mine? I think not. Sometimes we are not supposed to understand things completely we just have to have faith that it will get better. I know it will. I have my doubts from time to time but I must remain prayerful and faithful that God will heal her. All things come according to His timetable not mine. I know we can do this. All things are possible through Him.

The next 5 hours were spent helping Lizzy. She was asking for juice, screaming to get my attention and removing her clothing and pull up. This behavior of removing her clothing is one that took place at the beginning of her classical homeopathy therapy. Lizzy is also pressing on her lower abdomen again. The frequency has lessened greatly than before. Again, old symptoms reappear with less severity. Very typical of homeopathic treatment. I am very encouraged by these experiences with the DTaP. They show me how much the vaccine really effected her. Man what a night!

Baby Howard

On a good note Howard slept from 11pm to 530 am. Praise God! If he would have been awake during last night’s festivities it would have been much harder.

Lizzy finally fell to sleep at 730am. By this time I was a zombie. I also have a sinus infection that has irritated my TMJ and causes a horrible earache on the right side. I got in a 2 hour nap and was off to start the day.

Lizzy woke up at 1230pm. Her mood was okay but she is still not herself. She is going in to her room and hanging out with her toys and pulling out every item she can find. She displays this behavior when she is working something through. Started to scream for help again so I gave her one more dilution.

After putting out that fire I had to take Howard for his 2 month check up. Of course they wanted to give him shots. “No thanks.” The doctor reminded me of the all of the whooping-cough and such but I still declined. They wanted to give Howard the exact shots I am trying to clear Lizzy of. This vaccine had a very nasty effect on her, no way, no thanks. It is always difficult to revisit the shot gig. Amelia and I were hugging each other and crying after it was over. Amelia still has a lot of hurt about her baby sister. Time heals all wounds.

Mom and Amelia went out to the market and returned with some lovely flowers for me. Their get well soon flowers really helped to lift my spirits. There is always help when one truly needs it. Thanks ladies!

This evening has been much of the same. Lizzy is still upset and out of sorts.

As of midnight she is sleeping in comfort. We pray that she gets all of the rest she needs, so we can have a better day tomorrow. Her Cuprum remedy will be administered on Saturday. Hopefully it will provide all that she needs to help her get through the next  clearing on Monday.

Sweet Dreams to All.