09/20/2010 “Doctor, Doctor”

Lizzy frustrated 09 20 2010

After last night’s entry on the blog site. Lizzy woke up screaming. The back of her neck had 3 raised bumps and was very red. I applied some Sting Stop which works very well. Not this time. As I tried to assess what was causing it she was screaming her head off and bucking like a bronco. This little chick is really strong, so no easy task. Trying to see her neck and avoid getting hit in the head is no easy task. YEE HAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guessed poison ivy. Checked online. Yahtzee! The rash looked identical. Gabriel also had some redness on his lower legs from romping outside and it looked the same.

Ran to my homeopathic remedies only to find I did not have the remedy required. Rhus toxicodendron is the one needed.  It is made from poison ivy. Okay now what? Next step, found online that baking soda helps tremendously. Made a paste and applied it. Left on her skin for about 20 minutes. During this entire time she is screaming with all she had. Baking soda supposedly pulls the poison ivy out. Followed that by a warm bath and warm compresses to the site. I slowly removed the baking soda, dried her off and applied Caladryl lotion. I also gave her a Benadryl to stop the itch. Within 10 minutes she was playing in her room as usual.

Lizzy Girl 09 20 2010

The site looks 70% better than last night. Hopefully it will continue to heal and we won’t have anymore outbreaks.

Where did it come from? I read that a lady got poison ivy from her cat who rubbed up against her. Possible. Gabriel, Willy and their friend James go romping through the nature path playing Robin Hood. Another possibility. Regardless, the little girl does not understand what is happening to her. On an up side she was saying “Doctor, doctor.” Which means she needs help and wants it to go away.

Lizzy slept well and we had a pretty good day. The screaming had kicked in off and on. Her appetite was good and she spent more time in her room today than usual. When she does not feel well she hangs out up in her room more often. Don’t we all. The poor chick. She is just out of sorts. Again.

As of 915 pm she is up in her room again in bed. May peace reign in the kingdom once more. Tomorrow is a new day and prayerfully I hope that it goes smoothly.

Sweet Dreams!

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