09 17 2010 Old and New Behaviors

Lizzy 9 2010

Lizzy had a good night. Todd came home last night at about 930pm and she started screaming again. Todd believes it is for his benefit. I must admit, the screaming was at a very low-level prior to his arrival. I tend to side with Toddo it is for his benefit. Todd does not allow her to scream but she still kicks in with her old behavior. After some gentle reminders from Todd and myself it stopped.

Todd and Amy 2007

Don’t we all fall into old behaviors, I know I do. I have been very upset lately about the house and things that are not getting done. So I have been very combative and rude to Todd. Yes these things need to be done but they are not important. In reality what it meant was I miss him. I miss spending time with him. Not Todd the dad, artist or married partner. Todd my friend, love and fellow adventurer. We have stopped being these people. We do not get a chance to do things that couples do for one another. Whether it is time, money or energy it is not happening as much as we need.

Like Lizzy instead of saying so I behave in a very difficult manner. Todd has been going through a lot at work and he is very tapped out. My behavior just made it worse. Like Lizzy it did not occur to me. I was too interested in my feelings not his. Shame on me! It is amazing how one behaves when they are tired or don’t feel well. Toddo please forgive me! And of course he did.

Lizzy slept through the night and was up at 6am. Mood good and very happy with everything. Mattie got up at the same time and so did baby Howard.  Martin and Ian got up to help and it went very well. I took a nap with Howard and feel a little better today.

Lizzy's props for 09 17 2010

Lizzy's drink 09 17 2010

At lunch today we were having our usual. I do not buy soda all of the time but when I do we dilute it with seltzer to cut down on the sugar intake. Lizzy decided to help herself today and pour herself some seltzer. It was so adorable to watch her. We alerted each other and began to clap for her. The look on her face was priceless. Joy, pride, self-satisfaction they were all there. I bet that drink tasted extra special knowing that she did it herself.

Of course any milestone for Lizzy is a chance for me to start crying. It was so neat to see her become independent without any prompting from anyone else. Another mini goal achieved. Thank you God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzy sipping her soda 09 17 2010

Lizzy also went into the kitchen helped herself to a banana and peeled it herself. She came in to the computer room with the rest of us sat down and crossed her legs. And again displayed a look of sheer satisfaction. WOW!!!!!! She shared her triumph with Katie and Mattie so it was a win, win.

After sharing Lizzy did not get much for herself. So off she went to get another banana. This time she chose one without a stem. She could not do it completely by herself. Asking Amelia for help was the next step. Good job Lizzy.

Lizzy's triumph 09 17 2010

Such independence Lizzy is displaying today. It makes our hearts swell to see this sense of pride and joy in her face. Thank you God!

As of 3 pm she is taking a nap. I covered her, kissed her head and off she went. Sweet dreams baby girl!

Lizzy woke up at 7pm in a very good mood.  Hope in does not interfere with her sleep tonight.

Gabriel, Martin and I made flour tortillas with cilantro and red pepper and some others with fresh rosemary. They were very good. Ian grilled the sirloin steak for the tacos and it was perfect. Organic pinto beans were served on the side. I thought dinner was very good.

Too bad Lizzy did not eat more than one tortilla. Her appetite has dropped off some the last two days. Usually when we have beef she mows like John Deere. Not tonight. She seems more thirsty than hungry. When one is on homeopathic remedies and healing this is very common. No need for concern, just make a note of it.

Matthew 09 2010

The finicky eater of the month award goes to Lizzy’s baby brother Matthew. This little dude does not want to eat too many things. No matter what entrée we prepare for dinner he turns his nose away. Every night before dinner he walks the perimeter of the table and examines what is being served. Most of the time he walks right on and heads to the frig for some raw milk. We make sure that he eats but sometimes he is a real challenge. Like Lizzy we all have growing to do. It will change in time.

I do not force our kids to eat foods they do not like. But I strongly encourage them to try new things. I love food too much to make it an unpleasant experience. Food is something that enables us to get together and enjoy a pleasant experience together. We love to cook and go to restaurants. Plus we love to experiment with different kinds of food. If money was no object I would spend a fortune on my kitchen and its contents, I love it. We are going to try to involve Lizzy with food prep. i feel it would be a great way for us to interact and maybe improve her motor skills. One never knows what will click with her. So we’ll try, and see.

At 9pm Todd came home and Lizzy shared a snack with him. She was very happy and enjoyed her time with dad. Again, we hope and pray for a restful night and more growth tomorrow.

Sweet dreams to all.

2 thoughts on “09 17 2010 Old and New Behaviors

  1. Interesting! my son did not eat much today…but he drank lots of juice diluted with water. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    sweet dreams Lizzy girl!

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