09 15 2010 Up and Down

Well, last night was interesting. Lizzy decided to take her clothes off twice and get in bed. These are those old sensory issues coming to the surface. I must confess, this stuff takes me back to an old spot in this journey. It is the sensory issues resurfacing again. That is how it works. Have to go back in order to go forward.

Lizzy and Willy 2007

Spoke with Dori Vallis N.D. today and we are going to start the DTaP on Monday the 27th of September. If you do not recall…..

DPT (also DTP and DTwP) refers to a class of combo vaccines against three infectious diseases in humans: diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough) and tetanus. The vaccine components include diphtheria and tetanus toxoids, and killed whole cells of the organism that causes pertussis (wP).

I pray that this clearing will go as well as the Hep B detox. We might have to go back and do the Hep B again. We will let Lizzy guide us. My gut feeling is that we will have some great results. When we first started using classical homeopathy for Lizzy we saw wonderful things happen. Our consultant at the time was Debbie Licurse and she did a great job. Why we started the CEASE program was because Lizzy seemed to be blocked. Classical homeopathy had taken it as far as it could at that time and the vaccine clearing was the next step.

Throughout this entire journey I have prayed for God to guide us to the right people and therapies for Lizzy.  And He has. I firmly believe this. There is a time and purpose for everything.

Today has been pretty good except for her grunting. Grunt, grunt, grunt, grunt. That is the mantra du jour. But she is talking and more engaging.

For example

Lizzy, Ian, Willy, Gabriel and Martin 2007

Lizzy: “Hello guys, how are you?”

Ian: “Fine, how are you?”

Lizzy: “Okay.”

Pretty cool! I love how Lizzy is becoming the little girl that we all know and love again. It has been three long years so far and I know we have many more to go. But we are getting there. Thank you God!

Elmo's Opposites DVD

Lizzy, Katie and Matthew really enjoy Elmo. This furry little guy has a big influence around here. While shopping at CVS I spied this video. So being the hunter that I am I grabbed it. Good call Amy. It was a hit. Lizzy has been saying “Up and down” ever since.

How true it is. We go up and then we go down, and that is so true for our Lizzy Girl. I love seeing the look of joy in her eye as she moves herself and other items up and down. Seeing joy in her eyes is so precious to me. Three years ago it took everything to get a reaction out of her. She has come a long way.

As of 7pm all is well except for the grunting. Yeesh!

We just finished dinner and it is time to wind things down for the day. Amelia gave her a bath while I cleaned her room. Lizzy was dressed and combed her own hair. She also asked to brush her teeth. After all of the grooming she requested “Signing Times, Happy Birthday”. That is great! She has not put two requests together for a while. Again, up and down.

At 9pm and all of the little ones are in bed. We pray for a good nights sleep and sweet dreams.