09 13 and 14 2010 Day # 84 and #85 on CEASE Therapy

Lizzy 9 2010

Hello Lizzy! Lizzy has been doing well. Sleep is good but screaming has been replaced by grunting.

At first I thought it’s better than screaming. It is somewhat! I did not realize that my emotions are crispier than Church’s Fried Chicken.  Dear God give me strength.

I am so tired that I slept right through my phone appt. scheduled for today. I was trying to take a small nap, but fatigue won out. Called and rescheduled. I believe there is always a purpose, especially for things like this. There is always tomorrow.

Things have been pretty challenging the last week. My lack of sleep is really taking a toll. Everyone knows that if the mom is down the husband and kids will follow. It is amazing how much weight we carry in our households.

Ian Oklahoma Costume Fitting 2010

Our oldest son Ian asked me “Mom how can you do this and not go crazy? I mean, it takes a really strong person to do this EVERY day.”

Love and prayer is how I do it. The feelings we have for our kids is why we do it.  We want the best for them. That means giving our all and going the distance. Lizzy’s condition has taken that to a new level. The last 19 years of parenting has taught me more than I could have ever learned in the 23 years prior to being blessed with motherhood.

Our journey with Lizzy has enabled our entire family to share difficulties and triumphs together. I believe that siblings that are exposed to a special needs brother and sister are blessed beyond measure. It provides a new level of understanding, sharing, compassion and tolerance. My hope is that their experience will enable them to be better parents than Todd and I are. We discovered homeopathy because of Lizzy. Our entire family has benefitted from it’s healing power. We are all on remedies to help with all sorts of issues. It always amazes me how much healing takes place.

Marie 2010

Good News! Lizzy’s grandma is coming to visit next week.  This should put a new spin on things. Lizzy was very receptive to mom on her last visit, I bet it will be even better this time. Lizzy has done so much healing in the last year and I bet Grandma will have a blast with her. Plus all of the other kids love when she visits. She is an awesome grandma!

Well, as of 11pm (Tues.) Lizzy is still awake and not screaming but she is grunting from time to time. I pray that we have a good night’s sleep. Todd is starting to work a lot more so I am flying solo again. May God give me strength and energy for tomorrow.

Sweet Dream To All


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