09 12 2010

Lizzy 09 2010

Lizzy has had a pretty good day. The exteriorization on her left ear has gone down considerably. She woke up in a good mood.

Her appetite was good, but the screaming has kicked in again. She feels warm to the touch also. In the past when this has occurred, it means we are getting some movement from the remedies. That is always good.

Lizzy has started to put her fingers in her mouth again and chew on things. This is an old behavior that has emerged again, but not like before. 2 years ago she would put EVERYTHING in her mouth plus lick EVERYTHING she encountered. Once again, resurfaced with less severity. Always good to see. Eventually it will work itself out completely.

Lizzy’s bowel movements changed after the remedy was given. Very strong odor that eventually lapsed. This happens also with homeopathy, it is a good sign that things are moving out.

Have a phone appt. with our CEASE therapist on Tuesday so I will be reading up again on Inspiring Homeopathy Remedies. This allow me to refresh my memory for Tuesday’s conversation. The book pictured above has helped me tremendously in understanding the remedies that are being prescribed to Lizzy. I think it is fascinating. Plus it provides things for me to look for when I am observing Lizzy’s behavior. A great read! The more I understand the more efficient our work with CEASE therapist will be.

This evening she had some screaming bouts again, but it is better than it was before.

At 1130pm Lizzy is awake but content. As usual, we pray for sweet dreams and a peaceful night.

Sweet dreams to all


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