09 11 2010 In Sync and Doing Her Thing

Well where we left off last night all was well. It stayed that way until about 3 am. Lizzy was awakened for some unknown reason. She was comforted and fell back to sleep. It happened one more time and then she woke up at 10 30 am.


Last night Ian, Amelia and Willie were dancing in the living room to Nsync. Lizzy joined in and had a great time. She was moving her feet and doing her thing. Go Lizzy!!!!!!!!

She did not participate the whole time but she did join in. Still a participant and not an observer. YES!!!

Her mood has been good and she is talking more than yesterday.

This afternoon was filled with playing outside and enjoying a spectacular day. It was beautiful.

Today we did Dinner And A Movie.  We choose a meal and a movie that have the same flavor or theme and we watch and eat. Tonight was homemade pork egg rolls with organic jasmine rice accompanied by Mulan. After the sun goes down we are going to light some left over fireworks and continue with the Chinese theme. Just have some fun!

As stated before in past entries it is hard to get out with Lizzy and her needs. So we are trying to make the best of it and turn these lemons into lemonade. I love lemonade!!!!

We lit the fireworks and Lizzy loved them. All was well until 11pm. Lizzy began to scream and not want to be in her room, Gave her another Hep b dilution, hopefully it will help. Dear God help us!

Lizzy went to bed and was quiet for a little while. Couple of hours later she began to scream out her distress call. I was holding baby Howard and helping me to settle. As I rocked him in my arms and whispered in his ear “It’s okay, shhhh, it’s okay”, I thought of my precious children and how I could always comfort them when they need it. Our precious Lizzy was inconsolable at times and it would break my heart. I rocked Howard and cried out to God to recover this precious little girl. What a release. I had not had a cry like that for a very long time.  Reflecting on the many nights that all of the consoling I could provide did not help. Thank God that phase is over. What a difficult time it was.

I firmly believe that Lizzy will be recovered, it just takes time. What parent out there does not want to end their children’s suffering and discomfort? It is God’s time-table not mine. All part of the journey.

Lizzy eventually went back to sleep and all was well again.

Sweet Dreams To All

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