09 10 2010 Singing, Sobbing and Siblings

Oklahoma 2010

Oh what a beautiful morning! We have heard this line sung so many times. If you are not familiar with this song it is from the musical Oklahoma by Rogers and Hammerstein. Our oldest Ian was part of a local production this summer so he has been singing this song all morning. While in the bathroom I could hear him singing his heart out to his baby brother Howard. I thought… he’s right. It is a beautiful morning. The skies are overcast and it is a bit chilly. To Ian that is a beautiful morning. I agree I love overcast stormy days.

Ian and Howard 09 10 2010

With all of the things that go on in this house with Lizzy I need to sing this song to myself EVERY MORNING. No matter what the day brings, I must remember this song and allow it to resonate throughout the entire day. Of course I can not sing as well as Ian but my thoughts can be just as strong.

Lizzy 09 10 2010

Lizzy slept through the night and woke up in a very good mood. Today she will receive the last round of Hep B 10M. Usually we do not have any aggravations for about 24 hours so we will wait and see. She has been singing more and very interested in Elmo’s World. The theme song has been her favorite today.  I pray that this final clearing will do some great things for her. I have a phone consult appointment with Dori Vallis ND next week. This will enable us to start on the next clearing. I believe it will be the DTaP this time. Plus we need to establish if Lizzy still needs Cuprum or some other constitutional remedy.

Lizzy 2007

I was reflecting on Lizzy like I always do and remembered that Todd and I did quite a bit of traveling when she was little. Todd was part of a short film that was in a lot of festivals.  Plus Todd had been working in Taiwan for  a couple of months so I went to visit him for two weeks. Other trips also took place due to family parties and such. It is either a feast or a famine. One does not travel for years and then it all hits at once. That’s life.

Ian and my mom took great care of Lizzy and the kids but I think she felt abandoned by Todd and I. Every child feels this at one time or another. Being a little girl, she could not process the situation.  Ian confided in me that he felt abandoned when I would take him to preschool. Go figure.  Ian and Lizzy are very sensitive people. One never knows what will develop in the mind of a child. Even when you explain and play it by the numbers, they process it differently than an adult would.

Matthew 10/2007

While I was pregnant with Matthew Todd was working in California so I was home alone. This was the beginning of Lizzy slipping away into her autism. She was literally climbing the walls at night. Hitting, screaming and throwing fits was a big part of every night. It was one of the most difficult times of our lives.

My heart goes out to parents that are going through this. There is no way to describe it. I guess having my heart thrown up against a brick wall would describe most of it.  My daughter had been abducted and I did not know how to get her back. No matter how much love, attention or doctors appointments I provided it did not help. While we waited for doctors to decide and test results to come back we traveled down this rough road. Drowning in tears of despair and throwing ourselves on our knees in prayer. What hell that was.

So as time passed, my obgyn decided to induce. I drove myself to the hospital, Matthew and I drove home the next day. Stopped at KFC and brought home dinner for everyone. So I came home with Matthew in one hand  and a bucket of chicken in the other. Would you like some fries to go with your newborn?

Lizzy 10 2007

As I entered the house Lizzy looked at me as if to say “Where in the @#$% have you been and what are you doing with that?” If Lizzy does feel this way we will have to address it with her remedies.  Maybe a combination Inspiring remedy will help the cause. It is up to Dori Vallis ND and I to decide what Lizzy is displaying. Lizzy does not seem to be displaying these feelings now. She is very receptive to Howard and Lizzy, but she still has issues with Mattie. Again, we must wait and follow her lead.

As of 3pm all is well and she has received her Hep B 10M. She has been communicating and enjoying her time inside and out. We had spaghetti with Italian sausage for dinner and she ate a good portion.

Katie waiting for her bath 09 10 2010

09 10 2010 Hep B 10M exteriorazation

Of course after spaghetti it is bath time. Lizzy and Katie had to wait because all of Rome was at the baths today. We only have one bathtub so everyone has their turn. While giving Lizzy her bath we noticed an exteriorzation on her left ear. She does not mind, but she was very hyper and would not allow us to take the picture. Then she started to grunt and scream. Ok that’s enough! I am not waiting like last time. We gave her a dilution and she calmed down very quickly.

At 7 pm all is well. Dinner dishes done and little one’s bathed.  Lizzy is playing and watching Signing Times with Katie and Mattie. Hopefully we will have a peaceful night. Todd will be home this weekend so that should help all of us. God have mercy and allow us to sleep this weekend.

Sweet dreams to all

3 thoughts on “09 10 2010 Singing, Sobbing and Siblings

  1. Dude, you got a haircut! Super cool – I love it!
    It was great to see a picture of you on here.
    It started me thinking of when I saw you last…..it’s been too long.
    (Five years!)
    I really wish I could have seen you in Oklahoma…..ahhhhh, someday.
    Love you!


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