09 27 2010 CEASE Therapy Day 99 Round 3 DTap Clearing No. 1

Gave Lizzy the DTap 30C at 559 pm. No major changes as of 1025 pm. She does feel warm to the touch which is very typical with homeopathy and Lizzy.

The clearing goes as follows:

Week 1 DTaP 30c Monday and Thursday

Week 2 DTap 200C Monday and Thursday

Week 3 DTaP 1M  Monday and Thursday

Week 4 DTaP 10M Monday and Thursday

Every Saturday she will receive her Cuprum 30c again until further notice.

This is the same protocol we used for the Hep B the last two months. At the end of this round of DTaP Dori Vallis ND and I will decide where we go next.

We hope that this clearing will be fruitful and not cause too much discomfort. As of now she looks great and is communicating well. I pray that we all have a restful night and a happy tomorrow.


09 23 10 – 09 27 10 Mom, Grandma and Sepia

All has been good with Lizzy Girl. We start the DTaP clearing on 09 27 2010. Hope and pray that there will be good results.

Grandma arrived and Lizzy has been very responsive to her. She walked up to Grandma and placed her arm around hers. It was very sweet. I am sure my Mom’s heart melted. It does Mom’s heart good to spend time with Lizzy. Like the rest of us Mom hopes and prays for Lizzy’s complete recovery. What a joyous day it will be!

Howard and Amy

While I was holding Howard he was a little fussy. Lizzy came up to Howard and grabbed his hand and said, “It’s okay, it’s alright.” What a wonderful moment. I love when Lizzy responds to people’s emotions. That is huge for me. What a difference from 2 years ago. There were times when I would be crying while thinking of Lizzy’s difficulties and she would come up to me and laugh. Her response would make me feel even more upset. I wished that she could understand what emotions are. Now we see a huge change. Praise God!

At the beginning of our journey through autism I read a book by Pearl S. Buck entitled The Child Who never Grew. It tells the story of the author’s journey with her autistic daughter during a time when very little was known about the disorder. I felt her pain and reflected on how blessed I am that I was walking down the same road during a different time. A time where information is easily accessed and awareness is welcomed and not shunned. If one looks deep enough there is always something to be thankful for. I love Pearl S. Buck’s writing style. Her book The Good Earth is one of my favorites and now I love it even more.

Grandma Emilia

Lately I have been thinking about the mom’s in our family. My own and also her mom. My maternal Grandma raised 11 children during a time that was very difficult. Poverty, the depression and an inability to access information so easily was part of their daily lives. I look back on her plight and empathize.  To have a child every two years and not have the help of homeopathy must have been incredibly difficult. I take Sepia to help with my work load. Sepia is for women who are exhausted, need a vacation and have disorders of the female reproductive system. How Grandma could have benefitted from this remedy! Not to mention her children would have benefitted from having a Mom that was not angry, exhausted and just plain spent. Grandma used to tell me as a young girl that she felt she “Wanted to run to the hills.” That is exactly how one feels when they need Sepia.


My mom could have benefitted from Sepia also. She was a single Mom raising three girls and working as a school teacher. Man she was tired and spent too. There was always something that needed to be fixed or done. Mom raised the three of us to be independent so we learned how to do a lot of things. Painting, replacing a toilet, landscaping you name it we did it. My mom taught me a lot about how to get things done. If it wasn’t for her I would not be able to tackle all of the stuff that I do. Thanks Mom! Three generations of women who took it on and got it done. I am so very proud to be part of this group. I hope I provide the same things for my 3 girls and my 6 boys.

Sepia is derived from the cuttlefish and it is great for restoring the physical and emotional weaknesses all women experience from time to time. The sign that I need it is when I want to go into my room to escape and read. Get away from all of the demands that we as mother’s face. That is the telltale sign. I highly recommend that any mom who is feeling this way consult a homeopath asap and get relief. You will never want to be without it again.

Lizzy opening doors 2007

Lizzy’s condition opened the door for me to discover homeopathy.  How things have changed. My grandmother and mom had husbands that played a very traditional role for the time. Their husbands were not active in helping to raise their kids. My husband Todd helps soooooo much. Not to mention my kids.  I still need Sepia. Being a mom is one of the most difficult jobs I know of. So like any job we have to have the proper tools. Sepia is one tool I can not do without.

Lizzy’s condition has opened do many doors for all of us. This journey has allowed all of us to grow and change for the better. Our lives would not be the same otherwise. Thanks Lizzy!

I pray for Lizzy Girl to keep moving forward and be content. I hope we get a great clearing the next month without Lizzy being too uncomfortable or upset. It is so difficult to see one we love suffering. I pray for strength and endurance for our entire family.

May we all have sweet dreams tonight and have the strength to begin the DTaP round tomorrow.


09/20/2010 “Doctor, Doctor”

Lizzy frustrated 09 20 2010

After last night’s entry on the blog site. Lizzy woke up screaming. The back of her neck had 3 raised bumps and was very red. I applied some Sting Stop which works very well. Not this time. As I tried to assess what was causing it she was screaming her head off and bucking like a bronco. This little chick is really strong, so no easy task. Trying to see her neck and avoid getting hit in the head is no easy task. YEE HAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guessed poison ivy. Checked online. Yahtzee! The rash looked identical. Gabriel also had some redness on his lower legs from romping outside and it looked the same.

Ran to my homeopathic remedies only to find I did not have the remedy required. Rhus toxicodendron is the one needed.  It is made from poison ivy. Okay now what? Next step, found online that baking soda helps tremendously. Made a paste and applied it. Left on her skin for about 20 minutes. During this entire time she is screaming with all she had. Baking soda supposedly pulls the poison ivy out. Followed that by a warm bath and warm compresses to the site. I slowly removed the baking soda, dried her off and applied Caladryl lotion. I also gave her a Benadryl to stop the itch. Within 10 minutes she was playing in her room as usual.

Lizzy Girl 09 20 2010

The site looks 70% better than last night. Hopefully it will continue to heal and we won’t have anymore outbreaks.

Where did it come from? I read that a lady got poison ivy from her cat who rubbed up against her. Possible. Gabriel, Willy and their friend James go romping through the nature path playing Robin Hood. Another possibility. Regardless, the little girl does not understand what is happening to her. On an up side she was saying “Doctor, doctor.” Which means she needs help and wants it to go away.

Lizzy slept well and we had a pretty good day. The screaming had kicked in off and on. Her appetite was good and she spent more time in her room today than usual. When she does not feel well she hangs out up in her room more often. Don’t we all. The poor chick. She is just out of sorts. Again.

As of 915 pm she is up in her room again in bed. May peace reign in the kingdom once more. Tomorrow is a new day and prayerfully I hope that it goes smoothly.

Sweet Dreams!

09 18 2010 and 09 19 2010 All Is Quiet on the Winter Front

Hello all. Well as stated above all is quiet on the winter front. Lizzy has been doing really well. Screaming is low and we are have been out of the trenches for the last 48 hours.

If you are familiar with this movie it tells the story of world war I soldiers and how these poor guys were effected by being in the trenches and effects of war. Remember the term shell shock? Well these guys would have to deal with a heavy onslaught for incredible amounts of time and many succumbed to its effects.

I feel this way at times. One just does not know how much more you can take. The constant barrage of screaming and grunting wears on a persons nerves, just like these poor guys. I know that their experience was far worse than ours. But when I watch this movie I get a small notion as to what they felt. No escape and no knowledge of when it may end.

As I said before we have had a respite for the last 48 hours and I am still hearing it in the back of mind. My emotions still waiting for it to hit again. How awful it was for those poor fellows. I find myself being more tense now that it has stopped. Prayerfully I hope that Lizzy will continue to be very content and comfortable. God willing, all will remain quiet for a long time.

Lizzy's Haircut 09 18 2010

Lizzy went for a hair cut on Saturday and it went really well. All was quiet. Her hairdresser Andy is very compassionate and considerate of Lizzy’s needs. We only had one moment when Lizzy wanted to get down. Todd and I reminded her that it was time to sit and she cooperated once again.

Wanting to get off the chair 09 18 2010

While sitting in the chair Lizzy looked at herself in the mirror and said, “salon.”

She is plugging in information in the proper context. I love this stuff. Very encouraging to me.

As we left the salon I asked Lizzy if she wanted some fries. She replied, “McDonalds.” I did not know she remembered the word or the place. We do not go there at all anymore but I wanted to encourage the communication.  So off we went. Hopefully we will not pay the price later with her behavior. Our first homeopath would say that when you are on the right homeopathic remedies diet does not affect one as much. I believe that she is correct. Time will tell. So far all is still quiet on the winter front.

After we picked up lunch I was observing Lizzy while we drove back home. She was looking out the window and observing all that we passed. She was turning around to look at certain things that caught her eye and I could see her expressions changing as she observed. Very good sign! In the past she would stare out the window with a blank look on her face. Not this time. Way to go Lizzy!

The evening progressed and we all enjoyed a nice dinner together. All regular nightly activities took place with ease.  Her behavior was the same on Sunday. Thank you God!

As of 1125pm Sunday she is out for the night. Sweet dreams Lizzy Girl. I hope and pray that all remains quiet on the winter front.

Howard 09 2010

Sleep deprivation is my only obstacle today. I am awake and nervous tonight. The poor guys in the trenches mentioned above must have been up against the same. Todd has volunteered to get up with Howard tonight and I am here typing away at 1130pm. Oh man! Even when one is given a respite from daily challenges our own emotions undermine the gift. Dear God give me strength.

I need to go see Dori Vallis and our osteopath for myself real soon.  Boy do I need it! When doing homeopathic recovery for your children I strongly advise parents to be on homeopathic remedies also. In enables the parents to understand how it feels and works. Plus one can get support for their own issues. May the quiet continue.

Sweet dreams and Good Night All!


09 17 2010 Old and New Behaviors

Lizzy 9 2010

Lizzy had a good night. Todd came home last night at about 930pm and she started screaming again. Todd believes it is for his benefit. I must admit, the screaming was at a very low-level prior to his arrival. I tend to side with Toddo it is for his benefit. Todd does not allow her to scream but she still kicks in with her old behavior. After some gentle reminders from Todd and myself it stopped.

Todd and Amy 2007

Don’t we all fall into old behaviors, I know I do. I have been very upset lately about the house and things that are not getting done. So I have been very combative and rude to Todd. Yes these things need to be done but they are not important. In reality what it meant was I miss him. I miss spending time with him. Not Todd the dad, artist or married partner. Todd my friend, love and fellow adventurer. We have stopped being these people. We do not get a chance to do things that couples do for one another. Whether it is time, money or energy it is not happening as much as we need.

Like Lizzy instead of saying so I behave in a very difficult manner. Todd has been going through a lot at work and he is very tapped out. My behavior just made it worse. Like Lizzy it did not occur to me. I was too interested in my feelings not his. Shame on me! It is amazing how one behaves when they are tired or don’t feel well. Toddo please forgive me! And of course he did.

Lizzy slept through the night and was up at 6am. Mood good and very happy with everything. Mattie got up at the same time and so did baby Howard.  Martin and Ian got up to help and it went very well. I took a nap with Howard and feel a little better today.

Lizzy's props for 09 17 2010

Lizzy's drink 09 17 2010

At lunch today we were having our usual. I do not buy soda all of the time but when I do we dilute it with seltzer to cut down on the sugar intake. Lizzy decided to help herself today and pour herself some seltzer. It was so adorable to watch her. We alerted each other and began to clap for her. The look on her face was priceless. Joy, pride, self-satisfaction they were all there. I bet that drink tasted extra special knowing that she did it herself.

Of course any milestone for Lizzy is a chance for me to start crying. It was so neat to see her become independent without any prompting from anyone else. Another mini goal achieved. Thank you God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzy sipping her soda 09 17 2010

Lizzy also went into the kitchen helped herself to a banana and peeled it herself. She came in to the computer room with the rest of us sat down and crossed her legs. And again displayed a look of sheer satisfaction. WOW!!!!!! She shared her triumph with Katie and Mattie so it was a win, win.

After sharing Lizzy did not get much for herself. So off she went to get another banana. This time she chose one without a stem. She could not do it completely by herself. Asking Amelia for help was the next step. Good job Lizzy.

Lizzy's triumph 09 17 2010

Such independence Lizzy is displaying today. It makes our hearts swell to see this sense of pride and joy in her face. Thank you God!

As of 3 pm she is taking a nap. I covered her, kissed her head and off she went. Sweet dreams baby girl!

Lizzy woke up at 7pm in a very good mood.  Hope in does not interfere with her sleep tonight.

Gabriel, Martin and I made flour tortillas with cilantro and red pepper and some others with fresh rosemary. They were very good. Ian grilled the sirloin steak for the tacos and it was perfect. Organic pinto beans were served on the side. I thought dinner was very good.

Too bad Lizzy did not eat more than one tortilla. Her appetite has dropped off some the last two days. Usually when we have beef she mows like John Deere. Not tonight. She seems more thirsty than hungry. When one is on homeopathic remedies and healing this is very common. No need for concern, just make a note of it.

Matthew 09 2010

The finicky eater of the month award goes to Lizzy’s baby brother Matthew. This little dude does not want to eat too many things. No matter what entrée we prepare for dinner he turns his nose away. Every night before dinner he walks the perimeter of the table and examines what is being served. Most of the time he walks right on and heads to the frig for some raw milk. We make sure that he eats but sometimes he is a real challenge. Like Lizzy we all have growing to do. It will change in time.

I do not force our kids to eat foods they do not like. But I strongly encourage them to try new things. I love food too much to make it an unpleasant experience. Food is something that enables us to get together and enjoy a pleasant experience together. We love to cook and go to restaurants. Plus we love to experiment with different kinds of food. If money was no object I would spend a fortune on my kitchen and its contents, I love it. We are going to try to involve Lizzy with food prep. i feel it would be a great way for us to interact and maybe improve her motor skills. One never knows what will click with her. So we’ll try, and see.

At 9pm Todd came home and Lizzy shared a snack with him. She was very happy and enjoyed her time with dad. Again, we hope and pray for a restful night and more growth tomorrow.

Sweet dreams to all.

09 15 2010 Up and Down

Well, last night was interesting. Lizzy decided to take her clothes off twice and get in bed. These are those old sensory issues coming to the surface. I must confess, this stuff takes me back to an old spot in this journey. It is the sensory issues resurfacing again. That is how it works. Have to go back in order to go forward.

Lizzy and Willy 2007

Spoke with Dori Vallis N.D. today and we are going to start the DTaP on Monday the 27th of September. If you do not recall…..

DPT (also DTP and DTwP) refers to a class of combo vaccines against three infectious diseases in humans: diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough) and tetanus. The vaccine components include diphtheria and tetanus toxoids, and killed whole cells of the organism that causes pertussis (wP).

I pray that this clearing will go as well as the Hep B detox. We might have to go back and do the Hep B again. We will let Lizzy guide us. My gut feeling is that we will have some great results. When we first started using classical homeopathy for Lizzy we saw wonderful things happen. Our consultant at the time was Debbie Licurse and she did a great job. Why we started the CEASE program was because Lizzy seemed to be blocked. Classical homeopathy had taken it as far as it could at that time and the vaccine clearing was the next step.

Throughout this entire journey I have prayed for God to guide us to the right people and therapies for Lizzy.  And He has. I firmly believe this. There is a time and purpose for everything.

Today has been pretty good except for her grunting. Grunt, grunt, grunt, grunt. That is the mantra du jour. But she is talking and more engaging.

For example

Lizzy, Ian, Willy, Gabriel and Martin 2007

Lizzy: “Hello guys, how are you?”

Ian: “Fine, how are you?”

Lizzy: “Okay.”

Pretty cool! I love how Lizzy is becoming the little girl that we all know and love again. It has been three long years so far and I know we have many more to go. But we are getting there. Thank you God!

Elmo's Opposites DVD

Lizzy, Katie and Matthew really enjoy Elmo. This furry little guy has a big influence around here. While shopping at CVS I spied this video. So being the hunter that I am I grabbed it. Good call Amy. It was a hit. Lizzy has been saying “Up and down” ever since.

How true it is. We go up and then we go down, and that is so true for our Lizzy Girl. I love seeing the look of joy in her eye as she moves herself and other items up and down. Seeing joy in her eyes is so precious to me. Three years ago it took everything to get a reaction out of her. She has come a long way.

As of 7pm all is well except for the grunting. Yeesh!

We just finished dinner and it is time to wind things down for the day. Amelia gave her a bath while I cleaned her room. Lizzy was dressed and combed her own hair. She also asked to brush her teeth. After all of the grooming she requested “Signing Times, Happy Birthday”. That is great! She has not put two requests together for a while. Again, up and down.

At 9pm and all of the little ones are in bed. We pray for a good nights sleep and sweet dreams.


09 13 and 14 2010 Day # 84 and #85 on CEASE Therapy

Lizzy 9 2010

Hello Lizzy! Lizzy has been doing well. Sleep is good but screaming has been replaced by grunting.

At first I thought it’s better than screaming. It is somewhat! I did not realize that my emotions are crispier than Church’s Fried Chicken.  Dear God give me strength.

I am so tired that I slept right through my phone appt. scheduled for today. I was trying to take a small nap, but fatigue won out. Called and rescheduled. I believe there is always a purpose, especially for things like this. There is always tomorrow.

Things have been pretty challenging the last week. My lack of sleep is really taking a toll. Everyone knows that if the mom is down the husband and kids will follow. It is amazing how much weight we carry in our households.

Ian Oklahoma Costume Fitting 2010

Our oldest son Ian asked me “Mom how can you do this and not go crazy? I mean, it takes a really strong person to do this EVERY day.”

Love and prayer is how I do it. The feelings we have for our kids is why we do it.  We want the best for them. That means giving our all and going the distance. Lizzy’s condition has taken that to a new level. The last 19 years of parenting has taught me more than I could have ever learned in the 23 years prior to being blessed with motherhood.

Our journey with Lizzy has enabled our entire family to share difficulties and triumphs together. I believe that siblings that are exposed to a special needs brother and sister are blessed beyond measure. It provides a new level of understanding, sharing, compassion and tolerance. My hope is that their experience will enable them to be better parents than Todd and I are. We discovered homeopathy because of Lizzy. Our entire family has benefitted from it’s healing power. We are all on remedies to help with all sorts of issues. It always amazes me how much healing takes place.

Marie 2010

Good News! Lizzy’s grandma is coming to visit next week.  This should put a new spin on things. Lizzy was very receptive to mom on her last visit, I bet it will be even better this time. Lizzy has done so much healing in the last year and I bet Grandma will have a blast with her. Plus all of the other kids love when she visits. She is an awesome grandma!

Well, as of 11pm (Tues.) Lizzy is still awake and not screaming but she is grunting from time to time. I pray that we have a good night’s sleep. Todd is starting to work a lot more so I am flying solo again. May God give me strength and energy for tomorrow.

Sweet Dream To All


09 12 2010

Lizzy 09 2010

Lizzy has had a pretty good day. The exteriorization on her left ear has gone down considerably. She woke up in a good mood.

Her appetite was good, but the screaming has kicked in again. She feels warm to the touch also. In the past when this has occurred, it means we are getting some movement from the remedies. That is always good.

Lizzy has started to put her fingers in her mouth again and chew on things. This is an old behavior that has emerged again, but not like before. 2 years ago she would put EVERYTHING in her mouth plus lick EVERYTHING she encountered. Once again, resurfaced with less severity. Always good to see. Eventually it will work itself out completely.

Lizzy’s bowel movements changed after the remedy was given. Very strong odor that eventually lapsed. This happens also with homeopathy, it is a good sign that things are moving out.

Have a phone appt. with our CEASE therapist on Tuesday so I will be reading up again on Inspiring Homeopathy Remedies. This allow me to refresh my memory for Tuesday’s conversation. The book pictured above has helped me tremendously in understanding the remedies that are being prescribed to Lizzy. I think it is fascinating. Plus it provides things for me to look for when I am observing Lizzy’s behavior. A great read! The more I understand the more efficient our work with CEASE therapist will be.

This evening she had some screaming bouts again, but it is better than it was before.

At 1130pm Lizzy is awake but content. As usual, we pray for sweet dreams and a peaceful night.

Sweet dreams to all


09 11 2010 In Sync and Doing Her Thing

Well where we left off last night all was well. It stayed that way until about 3 am. Lizzy was awakened for some unknown reason. She was comforted and fell back to sleep. It happened one more time and then she woke up at 10 30 am.


Last night Ian, Amelia and Willie were dancing in the living room to Nsync. Lizzy joined in and had a great time. She was moving her feet and doing her thing. Go Lizzy!!!!!!!!

She did not participate the whole time but she did join in. Still a participant and not an observer. YES!!!

Her mood has been good and she is talking more than yesterday.

This afternoon was filled with playing outside and enjoying a spectacular day. It was beautiful.

Today we did Dinner And A Movie.  We choose a meal and a movie that have the same flavor or theme and we watch and eat. Tonight was homemade pork egg rolls with organic jasmine rice accompanied by Mulan. After the sun goes down we are going to light some left over fireworks and continue with the Chinese theme. Just have some fun!

As stated before in past entries it is hard to get out with Lizzy and her needs. So we are trying to make the best of it and turn these lemons into lemonade. I love lemonade!!!!

We lit the fireworks and Lizzy loved them. All was well until 11pm. Lizzy began to scream and not want to be in her room, Gave her another Hep b dilution, hopefully it will help. Dear God help us!

Lizzy went to bed and was quiet for a little while. Couple of hours later she began to scream out her distress call. I was holding baby Howard and helping me to settle. As I rocked him in my arms and whispered in his ear “It’s okay, shhhh, it’s okay”, I thought of my precious children and how I could always comfort them when they need it. Our precious Lizzy was inconsolable at times and it would break my heart. I rocked Howard and cried out to God to recover this precious little girl. What a release. I had not had a cry like that for a very long time.  Reflecting on the many nights that all of the consoling I could provide did not help. Thank God that phase is over. What a difficult time it was.

I firmly believe that Lizzy will be recovered, it just takes time. What parent out there does not want to end their children’s suffering and discomfort? It is God’s time-table not mine. All part of the journey.

Lizzy eventually went back to sleep and all was well again.

Sweet Dreams To All

09 10 2010 Singing, Sobbing and Siblings

Oklahoma 2010

Oh what a beautiful morning! We have heard this line sung so many times. If you are not familiar with this song it is from the musical Oklahoma by Rogers and Hammerstein. Our oldest Ian was part of a local production this summer so he has been singing this song all morning. While in the bathroom I could hear him singing his heart out to his baby brother Howard. I thought… he’s right. It is a beautiful morning. The skies are overcast and it is a bit chilly. To Ian that is a beautiful morning. I agree I love overcast stormy days.

Ian and Howard 09 10 2010

With all of the things that go on in this house with Lizzy I need to sing this song to myself EVERY MORNING. No matter what the day brings, I must remember this song and allow it to resonate throughout the entire day. Of course I can not sing as well as Ian but my thoughts can be just as strong.

Lizzy 09 10 2010

Lizzy slept through the night and woke up in a very good mood. Today she will receive the last round of Hep B 10M. Usually we do not have any aggravations for about 24 hours so we will wait and see. She has been singing more and very interested in Elmo’s World. The theme song has been her favorite today.  I pray that this final clearing will do some great things for her. I have a phone consult appointment with Dori Vallis ND next week. This will enable us to start on the next clearing. I believe it will be the DTaP this time. Plus we need to establish if Lizzy still needs Cuprum or some other constitutional remedy.

Lizzy 2007

I was reflecting on Lizzy like I always do and remembered that Todd and I did quite a bit of traveling when she was little. Todd was part of a short film that was in a lot of festivals.  Plus Todd had been working in Taiwan for  a couple of months so I went to visit him for two weeks. Other trips also took place due to family parties and such. It is either a feast or a famine. One does not travel for years and then it all hits at once. That’s life.

Ian and my mom took great care of Lizzy and the kids but I think she felt abandoned by Todd and I. Every child feels this at one time or another. Being a little girl, she could not process the situation.  Ian confided in me that he felt abandoned when I would take him to preschool. Go figure.  Ian and Lizzy are very sensitive people. One never knows what will develop in the mind of a child. Even when you explain and play it by the numbers, they process it differently than an adult would.

Matthew 10/2007

While I was pregnant with Matthew Todd was working in California so I was home alone. This was the beginning of Lizzy slipping away into her autism. She was literally climbing the walls at night. Hitting, screaming and throwing fits was a big part of every night. It was one of the most difficult times of our lives.

My heart goes out to parents that are going through this. There is no way to describe it. I guess having my heart thrown up against a brick wall would describe most of it.  My daughter had been abducted and I did not know how to get her back. No matter how much love, attention or doctors appointments I provided it did not help. While we waited for doctors to decide and test results to come back we traveled down this rough road. Drowning in tears of despair and throwing ourselves on our knees in prayer. What hell that was.

So as time passed, my obgyn decided to induce. I drove myself to the hospital, Matthew and I drove home the next day. Stopped at KFC and brought home dinner for everyone. So I came home with Matthew in one hand  and a bucket of chicken in the other. Would you like some fries to go with your newborn?

Lizzy 10 2007

As I entered the house Lizzy looked at me as if to say “Where in the @#$% have you been and what are you doing with that?” If Lizzy does feel this way we will have to address it with her remedies.  Maybe a combination Inspiring remedy will help the cause. It is up to Dori Vallis ND and I to decide what Lizzy is displaying. Lizzy does not seem to be displaying these feelings now. She is very receptive to Howard and Lizzy, but she still has issues with Mattie. Again, we must wait and follow her lead.

As of 3pm all is well and she has received her Hep B 10M. She has been communicating and enjoying her time inside and out. We had spaghetti with Italian sausage for dinner and she ate a good portion.

Katie waiting for her bath 09 10 2010

09 10 2010 Hep B 10M exteriorazation

Of course after spaghetti it is bath time. Lizzy and Katie had to wait because all of Rome was at the baths today. We only have one bathtub so everyone has their turn. While giving Lizzy her bath we noticed an exteriorzation on her left ear. She does not mind, but she was very hyper and would not allow us to take the picture. Then she started to grunt and scream. Ok that’s enough! I am not waiting like last time. We gave her a dilution and she calmed down very quickly.

At 7 pm all is well. Dinner dishes done and little one’s bathed.  Lizzy is playing and watching Signing Times with Katie and Mattie. Hopefully we will have a peaceful night. Todd will be home this weekend so that should help all of us. God have mercy and allow us to sleep this weekend.

Sweet dreams to all