08 30 2010 and 08 31 2010 Building Takes Time

Welcome to week 3 of Lizzy’s Hep B detox. Lizzy’s behavior has been very mixed at this point. She has been pushing on her lower abdomen again and screaming quite a bit. Sometimes she is throwing a fit. Other times it is not clear what she needs.

For example, while getting ready to take a bath she asks Todd “So what are we doing Daddy?” That was a first.  Slowly we are building an efficient healthy recovery.

It shows me that we are getting some movement from this round. Though it is very difficult, I feel that we are on the right track. It is all a matter of time and patience.

Lizzy and Willy 08 30 2010

We are building her recovery one piece at a time. We need to see what block was just put in place in order to know which one will be next.  This process takes time and patience. Lately I feel like I have neither.

So we need to be strong like Lizzy and do our best. The photo shown below shows all of us what we need to do. Keep going, use our muscles and get it done.

I love these photos because they show Lizzy playing like a little girl could. She is using imaginative play and joining in with others. Very cool!

Lizzy 08 30 2010

Today on 08 31 2010 she has been screaming quite a bit to get her way.  Lizzy is also exhibiting noise sensitivity and seems to be easily agitated. Hopefully tomorrow she will be more like her old self and ready for her next round of Hep B on Thursday. (09 02 2010)

On a happy note Lizzy will begin her music therapy on Thursday Sept. 09 2010. This seems like a good fit for her and will hopefully open some new doors. She will be having her therapy once a week until further notice. We pray that this therapy will help her and tap in to another side of our precious little girl.

With God’s help she will have a good night and be able to have a restful sleep.


Sweet dreams to all.

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