08 17 2010 and 8 18 2010

Ian, lizzy and Martin 2004

Good Morning Lizzy!

Lizzy has been doing very well and sleeping for long stretches without any interruptions. Her appetite is good and her mood is very content.

Today we will be working on her reading and also potty training. We had to delay it due to Amy not being at full capacity. So today we will give it a try.

Our biggest challenge at this point is getting everyone in the house to stay on the same page with Lizzy. Some of us have been too indulgent or lax and now we need to kick in and stay on track. This has affected Matthew the most. We have been over indulgent with him because we wanted to keep Lizzy from getting upset. (His crying is very bothersome to her.)

Now that she is in a better place we can kick it in with both of them. Honestly, Matthew is very spoiled. As I stated before the whole household has been affected. Anyone who thinks differently needs to look at it again.

The fact that we do not go out as an entire family anymore is something I really miss. One never knows when her mood will change or some thing may upset her. We tend to go in smaller groups. It is easier to manage if she has a meltdown. Our goal is to change this. But until that time here we are.

Some parents of autistic kids will just let them have a meltdown in a public place and everyone there is supposed to understand and endure it. We do not agree.  We would not allow our other kids to disturb others in a public place why should Elizabeth be any different. We think it is just poor manners on the parents part. Of course, there are times when you can not avoid the fits. Just resolve it as quickly as possible. Ignoring it does not help anyone, especially the child.

Back to the Hep B cleansing.

Lizzy did have an exteriorzation on her left thigh. Very encouraging. The exteriorzations are moving further down and eventually will go out through the feet. If you remember last time it was on her left arm. She is not uncomfortable, they do not bother her too much. She has scratched them a bit but that is it.

The day has gone very well and hopefully we will all have pleasant dreams.

Good Night to all!

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