08 16 2010

Lizzy had a good night and was in a very alert state. She started her Hep B round 2 and all went well. As the evening approached, she became hyper.

Dr. Dori Vallis ND advised me to give her 2 charcoal tabs to help ease the aggravation. Success!!!!

Now a little back story

I am 7 days postpartum and incredibly weak and tired. Lots of blood loss after Howard’s birth, headache and now a bad case of piles. So to say the least I felt like %$#@ today.

Lizzy noticed that I was down for the count and asked Martin, “Is mom alright?”

Can you believe it? All of my pain and suffering today was worth it. If it wasn’t for me feeling badly she never would have said it.  Out of disaster comes opportunity.

Lizzy and Amy spinning jacks

Lizzy is very interested in jacks these days. So we are running with it. I made up some sentence strips reading The yellow jack is spinning. I made others with a different color. The object of the game is she has to chose which strip goes with the jack that is spinning at that moment. She had a blast!!!!!!! Now she can read a complete sentence. The visual aids help her tremendously!

Amelia took Lizzy to the park and she had a great time! The look in her eye is wonderful! Another level of communicating has emerged. We are very encouraged by it.

Clarity of speech, eye contact, social interactions all things we are hoping to see. Thank God!

Lizzy 08 06 2010

The evening progressed and she went to sleep at 10 pm without any problems.

I pray that our baby girl will continue to heal and enjoy tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams

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