08 15 2010

Applause applause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzy slept 12 hours straight last night with only out cry!!!! We did not go in to her room when she cried out.  She went right back to sleep. That Cuprum agrees with her.

Only one day left and we begin Hep B clearing round 2. Her mood and affection is absolutely amazing after she receives Cuprum. God willing it will be a fairly easy 4 week session with the Hep B.

We have implemented a new program today. We are going to be changing how we do everything with Lizzy.

We will be challenging her more and demanding more from her on every level. From food, play, activities, chores etc.

We feel that she is now in a place where we can get some very fruitful results. The potty training will also be started on Monday 08 16 2010. Being more aware of her body is the important thing for us. Lizzy does not like to have a messy pull up so let’s run with it.

Even though she has special needs at this point, she is a major influence on Matthew and Katie. So off we go down potty training lane. This route is rocky and full of land mines but we are going to do it!!!!    Perseverance.

Little Katie pictured above is ready to go too. Potty training this way will hopefully be easier because they will be doing it together. They seem to really hit it off. Of course, they are siblings. If you recall they have their difficult moments too.

As of 420pm Lizzy has been pretty good. Little bouts of screaming but for the most part good.

I purchased one box of Kelloggs Corn Flakes for Ian. Normally I do not purchase them anymore but Ian said he loved them so I picked up a box just for him. With only the ingredients/nutritional values showing and Corn Flakes at the top she asked for cereal. I handed her the Gorilla Munch cereal which is organic.

“No, corn cereal”. Very Cool she read the word corn and plugged it in to communicate. YES!! She also used sign language for corn and cereal. YES YES!!

Cuprum rocks for her right now. What a change! Before the Cuprum yesterday she was being a brat. “Mine!” Yikes. Within 10 minutes of receiving the Cuprum she was a totally different little girl.

I smiled at her and said hi. She looked at me and smiled. It was one of the smiles that we give while passing someone in a hallway that we are not expecting to interact with. She responded to another persons emotions.

Some may think that is nothing, but to me it is huge. I can see her changing and for the better. This is why I like homeopathy. It goes in and works on a very deep level to eliminate conditions that otherwise would just be managed with prescriptions or supplements. Don’t get me wrong, these approaches have success.  But homeopathy suits Lizzy better. My biggest concern is that I do not want all of her hard work to be undone as soon as she hits puberty. That changes everything for any kid.

Our family physician has a teenage autistic daughter who after turning 13 had a seizure after not having one for many years. Hormones change it all over again.

I have seen this with my own kids.  Todd and I also have benefitted from homeopathy. (Male menopause and hormonal issues for me) It eases the difficulty and get one’s body back on track. If one start’s early with their kids, puberty passes very easily without any major difficulties.

For the rest of the night Lizzy was pretty good. A little hyper this evening. Gave her one capsule of charcoal in her Naked Juice and she calmed down.

She feel to sleep at 1030pm. Hopefully it will be a good night for all.

Sweet Dreams

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