08 06 2010 and 08 07 2010

Hello everyone, it’s Amelia. Mom is under the weather, so I will be giving  you the highlights of yesterday and today.

Lizzy was pretty good yesterday and today. Yesterday she played outside with the sprinkler. After getting all wet and cold she decided to come in. She hit Hi-gee once because he was watching her and told her no, and she just wanted to see what she could get away with. Had beef and potatoes for dinner that Dad cooked, but she wasn’t very hungry. So, she excused herself and walked upstairs to be in her room. As the evening progressed she was happy and content.  She fell asleep at 10:45pm, but she woke up at like 2am. Dad went in to help her out. This went on ’till about 4am.

Today she woke up around 9am. We gave her Cuprum Met 30c.  We went out to play once again. I showed her how to use the watering can. She didn’t fully grasp it, but found it quite interesting. She also really likes these colored jacks we have and has a grand time watch them spin. So, Mom made these sentence strips that say: The (color) jack is spinning, so that Lizzy can start putting nouns and verbs together and reading simple, small sentences. She made one for each of the 5 colors we have (pink, yellow, orange,  blue and green.)

Peanut butter sandwich with Lays chips and raw milk was for dinner. She played downstairs for a while, got her PJ’s on and is now upstairs in bed. Hopefully we ALL will have a pleasant night. I hope you do too.

Very Sweet Dreams to you.

One thought on “08 06 2010 and 08 07 2010

  1. Amelia, you’re a wonderful daughter and sister. I miss you! I was dancing in the living room and thought of you. Let’s have another dance party and make chocolate chip cookies and make more memories! These are our “golden years”.

    Here’s the clip we watched the special night we had together.

    Aunt Cindy

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