08 20 2010 Garden of Growth

Good Day All!

Lizzy woke up a couple of times last night, but she was not irritated. Dad went in and comforted her and back to sleep she went.

Her Pull Up was not too soiled so she was not wet all the way through. She is not licking everything either. But she is more noise sensitive than the last two days.

Todd and I went out today for a bit and registered at the hospital for the baby. After lunch we were driving home and I spied this great flower collection on the side of the road.

Black Eyed Susan’s surrounded by Queen Anne’s Lace. How symbolic is that? I turned the car around and asked Todd to take a photo for me. God is such a great gardener.

Queen Anne's Lace Bloom and Bud 08 02 2010

While parked on the side of the road I noticed the two flowers pictured above. More symbolism. Our little Lizzy is still in a bud state. The blooms are so tightly closed and not ready to be seen at the peak of their beauty. Patience.

Lizzy is sometimes an open flower and sometimes a closed bud. It depends what we are talking about. In someways she is completely open and others she is closed off. We just have to wait. Patience.

Lisa's pics of her visit 08 04

It is amazing how God presents things to us when necessary. After all of these cool images I see at the side of the road. I come home and find a comment from my sister Lisa. It is completely in line with what I saw today. She posted this on yesterday’s Let Her Eat Cake.

Moments after reading your posts I came across the following:
Growing Gardens and Growing Children by Barbara Rainey

Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary. Galatians 6:9
I love the way a garden looks when it’s clean and neat, when all the soil is evened out and the weeds are pulled up. But I know too well that the hard work of a Saturday morning will be repeated again and again, all season long. It never takes more than a week or two of neglect before weeds are sprouting all over the place.
Parenting is a lot like that. Just when you think you’ve finally mastered one area, you wake up the next day and a whole new issue is facing you. It’s so easy to forget that parenting is a process. A long, long process.
You go to bed at night sometimes relishing those little victories, thinking all is secure and right with the world. But it’s not very long before something else crops up. Infant issues morph into young-toddler issues. Toddler issues become school-age issues—the unmade bed, the homework, not coming to the table when we call. Then it’s on to adolescent issues—the emotional turbulence, the anger, the words they hear and pick up at school (and at church!).
Remember that building character is the most important goal in parenting. Imprinting a child’s heart with the image of God takes time and repeated effort, often reworking the same ground repeatedly to keep bad behaviors from becoming habits.
So I encourage you today not to give up. Don’t lose heart. The Bible promises great reward to those who faithfully persevere through the long days, the long battles that often don’t even stop for bedtime. I assure you, all that weeding will pay off.

How true, how true! Thanks for Sharing Lisa!

It is so well put by Barbara Rainey. It is a process and I love gardening. I miss doing it. There is no extra time or money. But Todd and I are tending 8 plants ( soon to be 9)of our own. Our hopes and prayers are that we become master gardeners. One’s who can weather any pests or storms.  That we know when to trim or when to leave it alone to grow. It is a life long journey and commitment that we welcome with open arms.

08 02 2010 Lizzy umbrella B

Todd, Lizzy and I went for a walk today. It was very overcast so I brought along my umbrella. She LOVES umbrellas. We walked over to the Hillside Cemetary. It is a small quaint place with beautiful trees and cool pieces of history. Most people think that’s weird. Some of our kids agree. Lizzy, Amelia, Todd and I love it.

We walked around and Lizzy was trying to hold the umbrella on her own. It was too heavy. So I helped her out.

While looking at all of the letters on tombstones, she was trying to read the names. As she read the name Hotchkiss, she ran her fingers on c, h, i, k, and said “chicken”. How interesting. That is exactly how a dyslexic would read it. She might be.  One of the best school for dyslexics is 10 minutes from our house. God always places one where they need to be.

Hillside 08 02 2010

As you can see these things are hundreds of years old. The craftsmanship and artistry are amazing. People do not do this stuff anymore. What a shame. These tombstones are so explicit and seem so personal. You actually get a vibe on the people who are resting in this wonderful place.

It reminded me how unique we are as a family. We do not do anything in a conventional manner. Lizzy fits right in. We are all different. People think we are crazy because we don’t watch tv and that we have 9 kids and we have been married for 20 years, that Todd and I try to put each other first.

But one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so we keep going. Doing what we do and doing what God calls us to do. We aim to keep our eyes open and learn, learn, learn. Whether it is in a cemetary or library we welcome it with open arms.

Her night continued to go well and we hope she will be ready for the CEASE therapy soon. I need to talk to Dori Vallis so we can come to some conclusion about when, why and how. May we continue to tend our lovely garden with love, tenderness and compassion.

Sweet Dreams