07 31 2010 Pets, Trips, Boot Camp and Resolve

Lizzy had a pretty good night. She cried out a couple of times but she was still asleep when we went in to her room.

Maybe it was one of the cats who snuck in. They are so clever, they open the doors. Where there’s a will there’s a way. They like Lizzy. They are also cautious of her behavior.  Instinctively they know when to not go near her. One can see how they gently sniff her and then move away if they feel uneasy. This always occurs on the bad days.  What a great ability that must be.

Last night they were trying to be with her, so they were right again. This morning has been very easy with her. Most autistic kids love animals. Lizzy sure does. Temple Grandin talks about this understanding between animals and autistic people, it is amazing.

Lisa's pics of her visit 08 04 246

As I mentioned in the past, the dogs love her to. And she them. Getting Lizzy a dog when she is older is a definite. One that will be trained to help her and be with her. What a great companion it will be. But in the interim, Pugo and Nellie are doing a great job. Especially Nellie, she is awesome with Lizzy!

As I type, she is out with Dad and her sisters. Hope her good mood is still taking place in the car.  I bet it will.  I’ll let you know.

Babysitting gone wrong

Well the trip with Dad was an absolute disaster. Lizzy was throwing a fit the whole time. She wanted to stop at certain stores and was not accepting no from Dad.  Plus, Todd could not find his destination. His iphone navigator was not working either. No matter what he entered it would not come up. He was destined to have this experience.

Todd tends to be over indulgent with Lizzy, Matthew and Katie. It is amazing how one’s parenting changes when you have a special needs child. I too have lightened up in some ways, but not all. He is out of the loop too much.

He forgets that he will be taken advantage of if he does not stick to the plans. He and I discussed it and he freely admitted that he blew it.  If one allows her bad behavior then that is what one will get. Todd was so spent after the trip that I took over and implemented plan “Boot Camp”.  (Which means not allowing any tantrums to get her way.) After that she was more cooperative.

Amelia here.

Well as Mom said it was a wreck of a trip. Not only was Lizzy screaming, Dad’s frustration did not help either.  Katie joined in on the way back. She needed her nap and was tired of sitting for so long. I ran out of props and whistles to hand out to her. Tapped was my mood once the nightmare came to an end.

So today I’m very noise sensitive. That’s why when we have to take Lizzy on a drive lately my constant thought is God give us strength.

Amy Here.

After all of that she mellowed out. Once again we are seeing a real little person emerging. All kids try to get away with bad behavior, so why not an autistic child.

The rest of the night was pleasant and she slept through the night. She has been wetting her pull ups more and soaked through on to her bed.

Bedwetting is definately part of one’s homeopathic picture. It is not about laziness or not trying. It could be about physical (bladder) immaturity, allergies all kinds of factors contribute to it. Again it is something for Dori Vallis ND to consider when looking at her mental emotional picture.

Well, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.  Lizzy is in her room resting and calm.

It is amazing how one can go from one extreme to another. She is testing the waters. That is good. That is what any kid would try to do. God bless her.

Sweet Dreams