07 18 2010 Some Days Just Stink

07 18 2010 Lizzy with train whistle

Lizzy has had a very difficult today. Screaming, head banging, noise sensitivity the whole deal.

She slept well last night but she was just not her happy self.

In the evening after 8pm she becomes very hyper. We had this same problem last summer before a full moon. She was also pushing on her abdomen again. Parasites? Candida?

I guess it was just one of those days. I can tell by the look in her eye that she is not feeling well. This morning she seemed like she did not know what to do with herself. Even when we were outside playing. She was all over the place. It almost seemed like anxiety.

It is now 1050 pm and she is playing quietly in her room.

With God’s help we will have a better day tomorrow.

07 17 2010 Strong Wills Have a Purpose

07 17 2010 Lizzy sprayed herself

Lizzy was up at 630am and has been going all day. She has been pushing and being very territorial about her toys.

She did not want to share with anyone.

When I called her on it, she gave me a look like so what. Interesting.

There are times when even special needs kids can be brats. I feel that Lizzy should not be allowed to get away with  anything that any other child in the house would.

If it is beyond her scope of capabilities that is entirely different. But acting like a brat is not something that we allow.  Lizzy has not exhibited this kind of behavior for quite a while. It is encouraging to have this little person emerge and show her true colors. YES!!!!!

Amy at age 2

I have always imagined that she is a strong-willed child. It just seemed to be who she is. That makes 4 in our house, plus me. My mom and my sisters wanted to kill me when I was a kid, and now I know why. GEEZ!!!!!!!

No is not something that is easily accepted by peeps like us. But God knew what he was doing, we need that personality to deal with things in our lives. Some have not been exposed to any big challenges yet, and others have. I am very grateful that God has given me the tools that I need to cope with challenges and growth. Thanks!

07 17 2010 537pm after cuprum

Lizzy had her Cuprum at 215 pm. It was one dropper in 3 1/2 cup dilutions. She seems good except for the fore mentioned.

As I sit here typing away, she came in and was playing with our dog Pugo. Todd called her from the other room, she did not respond. I told her Dad was calling her, she got up and skipped away saying “Okay”. Very Cool!!!!!!

Lizzy meet up with Dad and all was grand. She is being part of the fam. YES!

That strong will of hers is going to pay off big time!

As of 810pm she is happy and playing with her Scooby Doo action figures. I hope she does not aggravate too much this time. Her mind body and spirit needs a break. So do we.

07 17 2010 Daddy helps Lizzy

“Why Sure” is home this weekend and Lizzy is very content. Why can’t Dad’s get sick leave when their children are ill or maternity leave when their wives give birth? It just isn’t fair. Dads are just as important.

I bet Lizzy would get better twice as fast if Todd was home with her. But again, God has a purpose. Even though it does not match up with my wish. Or the wish of our kids.  They all miss him so!!

It is a very pleasant thought, and I think about it often and wish for it to come true.  Maybe…… someday.

And with that …….. good night to all!


07 16 2010 Dipping But Okay

07 16 2010 Lizzy 945am after juice

Good Morning Lizzy!

She woke up last night for a few minutes at 1am and Dad got her right back to sleep. We believe that Katie woke her up this time. Poor little thing is teething.

At 9:45am Lizzy was up for the day and fussy. After having her juice she calmed down again.

“Mouth”, was what she said again. What does this mean? As I stated before dry mouth is my guess.

Lizzy was very hyper today and spinning took up most of the morning. She can spin and spin and not get dizzy. It is her ability to focus that allows it. She skips in a circle also which is that old stimming she used to do. She is defiantly ready for her Cuprum.

Lizzy 12 2004 Infant Acne

Was looking through her old baby photos and came across one that I had forgotten about. She had horrible baby acne. Candida???? I say yes.

After reading the Hep B vaccine advisory, I found under section 4 Who should NOT get the hepatitis B vaccine.

“Anyone with a life-threatening allergy to baker’s yeast or any other component of the vaccine, should not get hepatitis B vaccine. Tell your provider if you have any severe allergies.” Remember, this vaccine is administered when newborns are hours old. After she had it she was very different.

As Denzel Washington’s character said in the movie Philadelphia,

“Explain it to me like I’m a three year old”.

How can one know this about a newborn? How can  one know this especially about “any other component”. Boy, did I miss that one! Did the vaccine cause her autism? No, but it is a HUGE part of the equation.

With God’s help the hep B remedy we are using will erase most of the damage. We might have to go back in later and do it again if it comes back. But that’s later.

07 16 2010 Lizzy 555 pm B

Lizzy has been banging her head on the wall and the floor when she does not get her way. For example if Katie takes one of her toys, or wants to play with what she has.

07 16 2010 Katie

Angry again. Cuprum anyone?

As of 8:10 pm she went to her room and is hanging out by herself. Poor baby girl, I know how she feels. Sometimes you just need to go in to your cave and relax by yourself.  Sounds good to me!

Tomorrow will be a new day and Cuprum will hopefully God willing it help again. Good night to all!!!

07 16 2010 Lizzy 2 pm B

07 15 2010 Gratitude, Hope and Reminders

07 15 2010 Lizzy 1045 am

Lizzy woke up around 10: 45 and was moody. She did not want to be changed or get dressed. She is starting to dip again. I  think the CCC mistake was not problematic at all. But, my observations have been that the Cuprum does more for her. Her attitude and mood was much better.  So I ask myself was it the CCC or the Hep B 10M?

Dori wants to wait and see what happens today and Friday, that way we know which way to go.

2008 Angels of Mercy

Today my angels of mercy helped tremendously so I could keep my feet up as needed. What an awesome bunch they are! Thanks guys, I could not do it without you! xo

I came downstairs, and was suddenly overwhelmed by a tidal wave of tears. I went up to Lizzy and realized that she had messed her Pull-Up.

Lizzy 01 2008 the beginning of our journey

I took her by the hand and said “You need to be changed!”

How many times have I said that before without even being aware of it? Too many to count.

The words hit me like a ton of bricks. I began to sob. Lizzy noticed and put her little hands on my eyes and said “Put it back”.

Oh please, could I cry any harder? I doubt it.  As I write this now my jaws and teeth still ache.

As I wiped my face and hugged her I realized that I do not want to change who she is. I just want her to be happy and without discomfort. Don’t we want that for all of the one’s we love?

The big difference for me is, does she comprehend when I try to tell her things? Well today the answer was yes. It wasn’t when I thought she should talk but when I needed it most. Thank you God for the reminder and hope.

07 15 2010 Martin and Lizzy

Big bro Martin was helping with Lizzy today and I remembered that this handsome guy asked me last week.

“I wonder what our lives would be like if Lizzy wasn’t autistic? I think every one of us would be different. I know I would be. Poor baby, I just want her to get better.”

Being 14 years old I thought it was beautiful that he thinks of his baby sister and wants the best for her. Again, thank you God for using someone I love to show me the way. Never ceases to amaze me.

Our favorite flowers 07 14 2010 B

Lizzy had her Hep B 10M at 6pm and as of 8:50pm no signs. My guess it will hit later. Maybe we will have an easy night or not. Either way, I feel strong enough to deal with it. Today was an eye opener.

Yesterday Ian and I went out to lunch to talk about teenage stuff and I saw these flowers right outside the door. Now this restaurant is nothing fancy by any means, and we stopped there because it was close. Again, reminders and hope. Sunflowers are Todd’s favorite flower and mine is Black Eyed Susans. And there they are right next to each other.  It is amazing what one can see when their eyes are open to God’s gifts. I hope my vision is in the proper focus everyday.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

07 14 2010 Reminders Are Everywhere

Lizzy did not wake up last night until 5:30 am. We gave her a cup of juice and back to sleep she drifted. She woke up at 10:45 a.m. in a great mood.

She has had a very good day, and played by herself quite a bit. She was not seeking out interaction as much as usual.

She did respond very well when one approached her or crossed her path. As I arrived home from our bi-monthly shopping trip she greeted us with “Hi guys”. It was so cute!

Amelia has a keyboard that plays certain song selections and she was playing her favorites and enjoying her classroom.

07 14 2010 Lizzy lining up items B

My observations have been that after a strong aggravation she will line things up and play more by herself. This has been for the past 18 months. No matter what the remedy. It seems to me that it is the strength of the aggravation that leads her to this behavior.

But as I stated before, she has been in a very good mood all day. Her appetite was good and everything was very low key for her.

A little back story

Amelia, Katie and I left the house at 7:30 am to do shopping, and the Queen Anne’s Lace is in its glory. We saw it everywhere. As we noticed this beautiful site, we reflected on our Lizzy and prayed for her. Every time Amelia and I do our shopping  we manage to bring the conversation back to Lizzy.  We cry, hand each other Kleenex and help heal each other. It is really a neat time for us to talk without being interrupted. Katie is pretty cooperative.

All of the beautiful flowers gave us a sense of hope and reminded us of the beauty that God shares with us each day.  Even when times are difficult and painful He shows us His presence. I always marvel at this. I bet people drive by these beautiful flowers every day and don’t even see them. Pity. It is the simple things that make my heart smile and swell with gratitude.

07 14 2010 shopping trip

Katie did not last on the way back, but she did manage to hold on to her corn chip. “What a trooper!” After  visiting 2 markets and the pet store we head home. Unpack, put it all away and head out to the dairy for milk.

07 14 2010 Dairy Farm B

Again, I get in the van with Martin and Willy and witness even more Queen Anne’s Lace. Thank you God for the reminders.

07 14 2010 Dairy Farm Calf

We buy 10 gallons of milk and proceed to go check out the “Girls”. It was past 4 p.m. so they were in the barn. Prior to 4 they are out grazing and eating grass in one of the beautiful spots in Ct. They seem so content. They are allowed to do what God designed them to do. Eat grass, raise their young in a stress free enviroment. Thanks for the reminder God. We are so blessed to live where we do.

7 14 2010 Dairy farm

Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully our baby girl will have another good one. She needs it.

Lizzy is due for her remedy again on Thursday. It will be the last one for a couple of weeks. This way her system can level off and we can see what she needs next.

Again, thank you God for the humble reminders that keep us in the right frame of mind. To enjoy all of His gifts every day no matter what size or shape they come in.

Sweet Dreams To All

07 13 2010 The Pain of Progress

07 13 2010 Lizzy 10 am

Lizzy only stirred twice last night. She slept until 10 am and was slightly out of it.

She has another exteriorization on her stomach, and it is very itchy.

07 13 2010 exteriorization on tummy Hep B 10M

By 1pm she was irritable and wanted to go outside. It has been raining, so we are in today. That is not something she is willing to accept.

Hitting, screaming, and biting others has been her behavior for the last 6 hours.  I have decided to administer Hep B 10M diluted so we can bring her back down to a normal level.

We gave her 3 drops diluted in 1 cup of water and will administer 1 teaspoon every hour until symptoms decrease. It usually only takes one tsp. so we will see. It is now 6:50 pm.

07 13 2010 Lizzy 7:20 pm after fit

At 7:15 pm she stopped screaming. Still wanting to go outside, she threw a fit. She was actually crying this time.

These moments are the hardest. Logic is no consolation as your child continues to scream and carry on. No parent likes to see any of their children in pain or distress. Knowing that she is having a rough time does not provide solace for us either.

But we need to enforce what needs to be done to keep her safe. Thunder and Lightning is not something to be taken lightly. Understanding the answer  no, is never easy for any child. I imagine a child who has special needs is no different.

Maybe she is  like so many other females, a good cry is very therapeutic.

I know it helps me.

07 13 2010 Lizzy 8 pm

As of 8 pm Lizzy has eaten and calmed down quite a bit. She is still hyper, but not upset. PRAISE GOD!

I feel that we do not need to give her any more dilutions for now. She has been more affectionate and compliant to our requests. ie: time for pajamas, etc.

It is still amazing to me how sensitive her system is.  Now we know why she reacted the way she has to the vaccines. Everyone is different.

Lizzy 07 02 2009

She has come quite a long way since this picture was taken. The look in her eye and her sensitivities to noise, touch and food has improved greatly. We still have a long way to go, but progress takes time and sometimes includes pain and difficulty.

We all are far too familiar with this.  I write about it now so I can remind myself when I begin to feel heavy-hearted. Everyone has some challenge in their life at this very moment. Our family is no exception. I pray for peace, strength and healing for us all.  Not only my immediate family but everyone who reads this blog site.

May God shine His light upon each and every one of us. Provide us with the strength and endurance we need to deal with our daily challenges. In Jesus’ name I pray.

Good Night

07 12 2010 Last Week of Hep B

07 12 2010 Lizzy at 11 am. B

Poor Lizzy woke up at 3 a.m. and was very upset. She seemed to have had a nightmare. She did not want to be alone, and was not content unless her back was being rubbed.

She would ask for books and feverishly turn the pages. Lizzy was angry!! If she is anything like her mom, she does not do well when wakened without a good reason. This is the same for her bro Ian.

Lizzy still asleep at 11:30 am 07 12 2010

Toddo stayed up with her until 6:30 am. During that 3 hour time span she was screaming and very difficult. This time she did manage to wake up Mattie and Katie. Thank God they were not awake for too long.

Now at 11:50 am Lizzy is awake and fussing. She was screaming out her distress call and not communicating.

For the last 3 days she wakes up and says, “Mouse”, while we are changing her Pull Up.

I am guessing that she is really saying mouth.  I think this because she stops saying it after she has her cup of Naked Juice.

Sleeping with her mouth open is something she does from time to time.  Her mouth could be very dry. I am a mouth breather also. Waking up parched is something I experience also and it is a very strange feeling. Maybe yes maybe no.

I was reading in my cell salt book that Kali Phos (potassium) helps with this. Might be something to consider later. In the interim I can add more coconut water to her diet which is loaded with potassium. She likes it ice-cold, and I sneak it in with her Naked Juice and supplements. Maybe it will help. Can’t hurt.

Dori Vallis and I concur on the fact that we do not need to add anything else into the mix right now. We are even waiting on seeing our osteopath. We still want to proceed with osteopathy. I personally love it. It has enabled so much healing for me personally and the rest of the family.  We are planning on getting back to see our D.O. real soon.

If anyone is interested. The best book I have found on osteopathic medicine is by Robert C. Fulford, D.O. titled Dr. Fulford’s “Touch of Life”. Great overview. It was recommended by our D.O. Dr. Andrew Goldman, and it helped me understand the process much more.

07 12 2010 Lizzy at 215 p.m.

Gave Lizzy her Hep B 10M remedy at 12:30 p.m. If you recall this is the final potency change for a while. If you remember:Week 1 30c, Week 2 200C , Week 3 1M, Week 4 10M The potencies increase every week in order to remove the vaccine damage.

No signs, of any aggravations. Lizzy did scream to get her way, but no major meltdowns. Her appetite is good and she seems to be very content.

07 12 2010 Lizzy at 215 p.m. C

As you have seen, Lizzy is fascinated with the hose and playing with the puddles. Willy volunteered to join her outside and that was a great idea. William has a natural ability to teach.

07 12 2010 Lizzy and Willie outside 245pm

For example he quotes lines from her favorite tv shows and just lets her be. If she starts to do something that is dangerous or not allowed he gently tells her no and explains why. God has blessed Todd and I with our wonderful children for different reasons. When I witness their compassion, attention to Lizzy and each other, my heart swells with pride and my eyes  with tears.

They can also fight, and micro manage each other.  Which is very typical and irritating. But I know their hearts are in the right spot when it really counts. God bless each and every one of them!

07 12 2010 Lizzy ext. right leg 430 pm

As of 4:30 p.m. we have an exteriorization on her right thigh this time. She does not mind it being touched, so we will wait and see.  Her behavior has been great so far.

07 12 2010 Gabriel tortilla maker

We had chicken tacos for dinner with rice and beans. Lizzy was lifting up her tortilla to me and saying, “Cookie”. I told her it was a tortilla and she repeated it with great clarity.

Her big bro Gabriel is quite the organic flour tortilla maker. He loves to work in the kitchen. The tortillas were very good and Lizzy enjoyed them very much.

As of 7 p.m. Lizzy’s behavior is a little problematic. She is hyper and getting in to everything.  Her mood is great and she even gave Matthew a hug for no reason. Just because I guess.

Todd was home today so she got one more day with “Why Sure”. That always helps all of us.

07 12 2010 Lizzy and Daddy

Our little Lizzy Gal is hopefully going to sleep well and through the night.  It is my turn to get up with her.  Hope she is not uncomfortable, and that she has pleasant dreams.

Til tomorrow. Good night all!

CEASE Therapy Day 20

Lizzy has been having a great day. She woke up at 6:30 a.m. in a very good mood. “Why Sure” got up with her and she has been very content. Her appetite is good, and no exteriorizations.

07 11 2010 Lizzy 1 pm

Her new Scooby figures have been with her constantly. She even took them to bed with her.

These figures were designed in several pieces. They come apart very easily. I was expecting a major meltdown. Nope, she just asked for “Help”.

Daddy fixing Velma 07 11 2010

Quite surprising.

At 2:30 p.m. her little bro Mattie was not getting his way. He started to whine and Lizzy hugged him. That didn’t do anything, so she tried to bang her head on the hardwood floor. I stopped her before she started and comforted her. Successful diffusion.

Seems we are starting to have some reactions to the CCC. It has been approximately 26 hours. Have to wait and see.

Dori Vallis responded by email and confirmed that we need to wait and see what happens.

Guess I should turn our 15 passenger van into the mystery machine. We are all turning in to quite the detectives over here.


Homeopathy and autism are things that require constant observation and  investigation.  And that’s what we do.

Everyone in the house contributes to the cause. We all share ideas and observations. We have meetings about what needs or could be done to improve the way things are going. It is not just about Lizzy, it is about all of us.

People often ask me how do you do all of this stuff? I don’t.  We do!

This has been a great learning experience for all of us. Yes, it can be painful and difficult. When is growth not painful or difficult. We all can relate to this, no matter what the age.

07 11 2010 Lizzy 5 pm Bath time B

So as of 5 pm Lizzy is doing fine. One can tell that she is different from the morning, but it is not bad. She ate dinner and had a bath.

Amelia helped give her a bath since I am much slower than usual today. Fatigue is catching up with me.

At 7:30 p.m. Lizzy is fine.  She has been pushing on her lower abdomen a little and also burping more. She read approximately 85 flash cards that we have made for her. Her clarity of speech has improved greatly.  Soon we will be adding sound and film to the site so everyone can see for themselves.

Lizzy flash cards

Nouns are slowly added to adjectives, then come verbs and adverbs.  Finally we will be at full sentences.  It has been very successful to date. Let’s see where she leads us, next.

Using the closed caption setting with her favorite shows helps tremendously. She knows all of the phonetic sounds. Her decoding skills are pretty good, we need to do them more often.

One instance of her plugging in information happened while watching Andy Griffith. The characters were in the barber shop and she said “Salon”.  I was very excited!!

So the more we do, the better she feels, the closer we get to our goal. Having our Lizzy Gal reach her full potential.

Well that’s it for today. God willing we will have a peaceful night. Sweet Dreams to all.

07 10 2010 Lizzy, Gilligan and Lucy

07 10 2010 Lizzy 11am

Good Morning Lizzy!

She slept through the night, and woke up well. Thank you God!!!!!!!!!!

We have noticed that as soon as she arises she needs fluids. Naked juice with vitamin C is downed within 30 seconds. This helps to avoid screaming and possible melt downs. None this a.m.

In todays mail she received Scooby Doo action figures from her Grandma. She was very thrilled!

07 10 2010 Lizzy with Scooby Doo Figures

Mom and Lisa at Bob's 2010

Mom is awesome about sending the kids stuff and maintaining an interest in all of the things the kids do. She is an awesome Grandma!

Thanks Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo

Now watching Sccoby Doo and other simple tv shows has been very helpful with showing Lizzy how people speak to one another. Of course, she hears us and others speak all of the time but the repetition of certain dialogue has been helpful.


Gilligan’s Island, Andy Griffith, I love Lucy, Wallace and Gromit, Rankin and Bass, Scooby Doo, she responds well to these. Especially Gilligan’s Island. How many times do they say “Hi Skipper” or give greetings to other characters?  Quite a few. When I actually paid attention to it, the shows are incredibly redundant. Repetition is a great teaching tool with her. Plus she loves slapstick comedy. The campy antics of this group are right down her alley. She even wore out all of the DVD’s we had of Gilligan’s Island, it was that well liked.

I watched them when I was a kid and who would have known how it would help our little girl. Also, when I was a kid I  would get a glimpse of Alan Hale Jr. at the driving range thanks to Aunt Connie who loved golf. Funny how things play out. One never knows.

Amy pulled a Gilligan

Lizzy was scheduled to have her Cuprum today. I went to the frig grabbed it and diluted it 3 times in 1/2 cup of spring water. After administering one dropper full straight in her mouth I proceeded to clean up my mess. As I glanced at the bottle I realized that I had given her CCC which is Gabriel’s remedy not hers. Oh my God!!!

I felt awful, how could I be such a space cadet?

The CCC remedy has Cuprum in it but it also has Carcinosinum . Hopefully, it will not be an issue. In homeopathy there is no danger but I can’t believe I spaced. Fatigue is a powerful thing.

It has been 3 hours so far and nothing has changed. I pray that it will pass without any major changes.  Emailed Dori Vallis ND so hopefully I will receive some advice soon.  Gilligan always ran to the professor so I must do the same. Consult the ones that know, when your abilities are slow.

At 7:30 p.m. no exteriorizations or aggravations. Actually, she is very content and verbal. Lizzy has been playing outside and with her new Scooby figures. She loves them!

Plus, Daddy is home or aka “Why Sure”.  She calls him this when he is being silly with her. Putting on her princess hat or using a funny voice.

"Why Sure" and Lizzy 04 2005

Lizzy started calling Todd “Why Sure” about a year and a half ago. Every time she asked for something he would reply ,”Why sure!”

I love Lucy Episode #8 "Men Are Messy"

That line is from I Love Lucy episode #8, “Men Are Messy”.

A  reporter asks Ricky “Is this your wife!?”

Ricky hesitates and Lucy says “Why sure!”  And that is all it took!

“Why Sure”, Lizzy and the rest of the fam have been hanging out all day.

Dad even made dinner. One of her favorites, organic pancakes and bacon. Yum!

We will be back tomorrow for another episode of the Lizzy Winter Show.

Good night and sweet dreams to all.

Do we need it?  “Why sure!”

07 09 2010 Let the Battle of Wills Begin

Well Lizzy was very comfortable last night until about midnight. She requested to be downstairs and we brought her down for a snack.

Lizzy requested “bissgetti” and enjoyed it very much. She picked up Amelia’s iphone and proceeded to glance through her photos and commented on her sister Katie.

“That’s the baby!” All was well after being tucked in and kisses given.


Helen vs Ann from The Miracle Worker

About 3am she started screaming. It was a distress call.  No tears.

I rushed in to her room to discover Ian standing there.  He informs me that she broke her DVD player. I told her to wait and she accepted that. I tried to resuscitate the electronic victim but my efforts were in vain. The poor machine belted out a final cry of pain and it was all over. No Amy repair shop for him.  Unplugging it we removed the victim and his counterpart the tv. That was enough to send her in to a screaming fit.

This continues for an hour as I remind her that it is broken and it is time for bed.

She was not interested! Her protesting and getting out of bed continued as I reminded her and placed her back in bed.  The battle has begun!

But, on a positive note one of her attempts included, “Amelia, Amelia, you come and help with the tv?'”

I said, “No, no one else is going to help you, it is bed time.” The screaming continues.

We went back and forth for 40 minutes. She finally gave in and stayed in bed. Still trying to scream and get her way, I stood my ground with, “No, it is time for bed no tv.”

Through the grace of God she did not wake up her other siblings. Must be nice to sleep that deeply.

Sitting at the foot of her bed, I slowly started to dose off while sitting up. I woke up at 3:50 a.m. leaning on her plush animals we bought two weeks ago.  I knew we would NEED those things.

Looking over at her she was out. The battle of wills ended and I went to bed. Praise God!

07 09 2010 noon

She woke up noon, no screaming but not very content.

Dori Vallis  ( homeopath and ND) and I agree that she is angry. She is frustrated and right fully so.

I remember Amelia asked Lizzy one day, “Do you mind being autistic?” She just looked to the right and sighed.

Lizzy's flower in her old room 05 2010

We know she is in there. Stuck and not aware of what she needs to do to escape. Desperately we are trying to free her from this place. But it takes time and it will happen when the time is right. Patience.

The flower shown is a toy we purchased for Lizzy that dances and sings You Are My Sunshine. We had to install the safety gate to prevent her from  standing on the sill and leaning on the glass.

We would find this flower placed behind the gate quite often. Questioning the other kids we discovered that Lizzy was placing it there. The symbolism is amazing.

Today right ear and left eye slightly swollen.  Noise sensitivity has returned with a vengeance. Had to separate Lizzy and Mattie three times today.

Hopefully, now that Daddy is home and her Cuprum is scheduled for tomorrow we will have a pleasant weekend.  Daddy does not have to work as we thought. YES!!!!

The entire household is better when Dad is home. I know I am.

07 09 2010 Lizzy

Daddy at work

At 8pm all is well and she is very content. We are going to wait until about 10pm to put her in bed. Through the grace of God we will all sleep well  tonight.

May God shine His light upon our precious girl and lead us to help in her recovery.

Sweet Dreams to all.