07 30 2010 Mint Condition ?

Lizzy woke up very well and is in a pretty good mood. Not as good as yesterday, but good.

Little screaming, licking of furniture, but affectionate. She is talking and communicating.

Lizzy helped Amelia and I gut Matthew’s, Gabriel and Willy’s room. She helped with the books and hung out.

We cleaned everything with mint and vanilla. Maybe the mint was too stimulating. Oops! That could be what is making  her more hyper than yesterday. As stated before, she was not at the top of her game today, who knows.

As the day progressed she became more hyper and into everything.  Her diet has not changed, and there are no new things introduced. We clean with mint every month or so.  Maybe I used too much today.

We had a very nice dinner together. Her appetite was pretty good. She ate Thai curry (mild) with chicken. jasmine rice and green beans. After that she had a bath in lavender oil and a massage. This calmed her down quite a bit.

Now at 840 pm we are getting Matthew, Katie and Lizzy ready for bed, and it is not going as smooth as usual.

Dad came home early so everything changes. The kids automatically alter the routine. It really doesn’t have to be. They always think the rules change when one thing is slightly modified. Remember the substitute teacher? Yikes!

I am going to cool it on the mint and see what happens. Could be something, could be nothing. But I am going to keep it in mind.

I have been reading Is This Your Child by Doris Rapp M.D. and it is amazing what kind of allergies and environmental factors impact us. Especially in my family. There are allergies on both sides. My mom and dad suffer year round. We do not know about Todd’s.

So another factor to consider. Again our precious Lizzy brought us to a point where we are more informed and aware of ourselves. God’s purposes. They are so amazing.

Well, through God’s grace we will have a calm night and pleasant dreams.

Sweet dreams to all!