07 29 2010 Lizzy Will Beat It

07 29 2010 Lizzy toy box

Good Morning Lizzy!

She was up at 6am and pretty happy. She came downstairs ate and played.

No major outbursts today! Praise God!

Lizzy was playing the keyboard  and Katie came up and started to touch the keys. Lizzy gently removed her hands and said  “No baby not now”. It was so adorable. Katie completely complied with her request. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzy came up to me and asked to read to her. She is definitely better than she was a few days ago. What goes down must come back up. Praise God!!


As some of you know, Willy LOVES Michael Jackson and loves dancing to Beat It. Lizzy loves this tune. She joined in and was watching herself  in the mirror. What a great time she had.

Lizzy will Beat It, “No one wants to be defeated” and we won’t. WE are going to see how “strong is her fight.” It might be difficult some days but we are going to Beat It!

We heard from Connecticut Music Therapy. We have an appointment on August 9th for an evaluation. Hopefully it will be fruitful. How wonderful that would be. I think a class such as this is just what she needs.

As of 9 pm all is well. Lizzy is still  not screaming and very cooperative.

May God shine His light upon her and heal our precious girl. Prayer you can’t beat it!

Sweet dreams to all!

2 thoughts on “07 29 2010 Lizzy Will Beat It

  1. Lizzy, you go girl! I’m so glad you are doing better! 😉 Music therapy will be awesome for you. I wish Natalie could do it with you.

    I would LOVE to dance with you and your brothers and sisters. “Beat It,” is one of my favorite songs to dance to.
    Live in victory not defeat; in other words, beat it! That’s why we need to be strong and courageous in the Lord. He gives us victory!

    Amy, when are you due? Why did you feel Howard was on his way into the world? It’s not too early , is it?
    I’ll be praying for your physical well being and little Howard. So cute! Is he named after someone?


  2. Cyn,
    My due date is August 12th. Have been having a lot of contractions that do not go anywhere after about an hour or so. I am 38+ weeks.

    Howard was the name of Todd’s great uncle who was killed during WW II. God names them, the feeling in my heart is so strong that I have no choice. I share with Todd what I feel and he seems to be right on the same page.

    Thanks for your prayers. I am hoping that his delivery will be similar to Katie’s. 3 pushes and there she was.

    Love You Loads,

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