07 22 2010

07 22 2010 Lizzy 645 am

Good Morning Lizzy.

Last night Lizzy fell to sleep at 11:30pm and woke up this morning at 6am. Much better than Monday night. Let’s hope today is better than yesterday.

She is still grunting and being finicky. Asking for something to eat and then she does not want it. Yikes! This is usually an indication that we will have this behavior all day.

Goldilocks Awakens

“Goldilocks Syndrome”, is what I call it. Too hard, too soft, nothing is satisfying. Maybe it will just be this morning, lets hope and see. I have a real intolerance for this kind of behavior, but not with Lizzy. She is just a child, how can I get mad at her or think that she knows what she is doing.

Baby Lizzy and Amy

There are plenty of people out in the world with a serious case of this condition. We encounter them on the road and all public places. Woe to those around them who have to contend with this selfish behavior. Too bad I am not ready to extend this grace to everyone, but with Lizzy’s help I will see the light.

Having a child that is not well is a very intense awakening. Slowly your own layers of inadequacies are revealed. They are being peeled back to reveal a clearer picture.  Things that you thought were so necessary and important aren’t anymore. Your sense of priorities shift in a way that has to be felt in your own skin. No one can describe it to you. In order to feel its complete impact one has to experience it personally. That is when people truly understand and are riled to action.

This is the second time for us (Amelia) and I pray that we are harvesting all of the lessons that God is presenting to us. Maybe we are or maybe we aren’t. But trying and being aware of God’s presence in orchestrating these lessons is incredibly powerful also.

07 22 2010 Lizzy playing with her kitchen

As of 9:30am Lizzy is more engaging and aware of other people’s presence. Her baby bro and sis are hanging out alongside her, and she is playing with them some part of the time.

That’s something! She is allowing me to be affectionate with her also. Yesterday she did not want to be touched by anyone.  That one always hurts. It is too close to the bone.

07 22 2010 Lizzy 1 pm

As of 1pm Lizzy is playing and fairly content. No screaming, whinnying or outbursts. Thank God!! She was playing when the lawn maintenance man arrived and mowed. No complaints. Another plus!

Her sensitivity seems to have lessened and hopefully after the full moon  arrives we will have an easier time.

Some people do not think the moon affects us, I disagree. If Lizzy is more sensitive than it makes even more sense. We had this same thing last summer.

It can not be the remedy because she was on different one’s last year. Would love to get more exact info. on the subject. Have one book that was very informative but did not answer all of my questions. I need specificity in order to make an accurate change.  Any recommendations are welcome. Again, story for another time.

07 22 2010 2pm

Lizzy and the gang were out playing and running up and down. She and Gabriel are quite the team. She loves to run!

As of 4pm she is more social and affectionate again. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She has been chewing on things again. Plush toys, anything she can get in her mouth.

Spoke to Dori Vallis ND at 430pm.  We are going to wait until Lizzy is ready and then restart the hep B detox again. My guess is we can start in about 3 weeks.

A new count down begins. I am so anxious to see what changes will occur in the next 21 days. No Cuprum or Hep B. We will still continue with the supplements and the Sacc Off .  If you don’t remember the Sacc Off is derived from cane sugar to help her digestion. No problems with her digestion at all. Most autistic kids have a heck of a time with constipation or diarrhea.

This should be interesting, Lizzy’s baby brother is due to arrive around the same time.

As of 8 pm she is content and playing outside with her brothers. I pray that we have a calm night and that deep healing occurs in the next 21 days. God willing the next 3 weeks will be a time of great change and education.

4 thoughts on “07 22 2010

  1. Hmmm…..Reminds me of the fresh new beginning that follows “stormy weather.”
    My heart goes out to all of you while you courageously forge ahead. Keep it up!
    May you all view a new perspective through the showers of the retreating storm.

  2. Hi Amy, I’m so glad Lizzy slept through the night!
    You are good with analogies; “Goldilocks Syndrome” is a great one!
    You are absolutely right about peeling away the layers AND that nobody understands what it is like to have a child with a disability or illness until you lived it. Thank you for expressing your feelings and insights. I have lived most of the same emotions and you give them validation by understanding. 😉



    • Cyn, I am so glad that you enjoy the blog. And I know that you understand. You have so many personal things in your own life and you still manage to be supportive. AWESOME!
      Thanks for everything.

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