07 20 2010

07 20 2010 Lizzy and Dad

Well last night was an absolute challenge. Lizzy did not go to sleep until 7am this morning.

Her screaming and such woke up Matthew and Katie so we had 3 dueling banjos.

She woke up at 12:30pm and is not talking very much. She has been interacting with her Daddy more, but she is very quiet.

07 20 2010 Lizzy and keyboard

Playing with the keyboard and listening to certain selections at a very loud level is what she wanted to do early in the day.

The house was very quiet so she was not trying to drown out sound in her enviroment. This was in a room without any other source of sound. Not even an air conditioner is in this room.

Daddy turned it down and she stopped what she was doing and turned it up again.

Very curious. Her noise sensitivity does not come into play during these times. I personally find it to be too loud, but not her.

My guess is that pitch is what determines her sensitivity. High pitched sounds are the ones that impact her the most.  This feels like the right direction. Her hearing might be so acute that certain pitches dramatically affect her.

Phil and Lisa 2010

Willy 2004

I know that we have certain family members that have an incredible sense of smell. My sister Lisa, son Willy and myself. When Willy was about  2 he would say,

“Shh do you smell that noise?” And he is the first to alert us to any odor that is out of the ordinary. I think he has acute hearing and sense of smell.  And Lizzy is on an even deeper level. Think it would be worth it to pursue this further.

Researched the auditory testing recommended by Temple Grandin and the woman is in Colorado. Need to call and see if she knows of anybody on the east coast. Telephone calls still beat the internet when it comes to things like this. A real person can shine light upon things or lead you in a direction one never considered. So let’s wait and see. Homeopathy can help with these issues but I feel the more we know the more we can help.

07 20 2010 Lizzy and puzzle

Music seems to be her main interest these days. Another layer? Or is it something that has been revealed that was hidden before. Oliver Saks writes these amazing stories about his patients that have had neurological damage. After the injuries  they have this new fascination and incredible understanding of music. Maybe, have to wait and see.

2 thoughts on “07 20 2010

  1. amazing cross referencing, great job! you are really doing your home work as always!
    nice pics of lou lou

    f.e.a.d toddo

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