07 15 2010 Gratitude, Hope and Reminders

07 15 2010 Lizzy 1045 am

Lizzy woke up around 10: 45 and was moody. She did not want to be changed or get dressed. She is starting to dip again. I  think the CCC mistake was not problematic at all. But, my observations have been that the Cuprum does more for her. Her attitude and mood was much better.  So I ask myself was it the CCC or the Hep B 10M?

Dori wants to wait and see what happens today and Friday, that way we know which way to go.

2008 Angels of Mercy

Today my angels of mercy helped tremendously so I could keep my feet up as needed. What an awesome bunch they are! Thanks guys, I could not do it without you! xo

I came downstairs, and was suddenly overwhelmed by a tidal wave of tears. I went up to Lizzy and realized that she had messed her Pull-Up.

Lizzy 01 2008 the beginning of our journey

I took her by the hand and said “You need to be changed!”

How many times have I said that before without even being aware of it? Too many to count.

The words hit me like a ton of bricks. I began to sob. Lizzy noticed and put her little hands on my eyes and said “Put it back”.

Oh please, could I cry any harder? I doubt it.  As I write this now my jaws and teeth still ache.

As I wiped my face and hugged her I realized that I do not want to change who she is. I just want her to be happy and without discomfort. Don’t we want that for all of the one’s we love?

The big difference for me is, does she comprehend when I try to tell her things? Well today the answer was yes. It wasn’t when I thought she should talk but when I needed it most. Thank you God for the reminder and hope.

07 15 2010 Martin and Lizzy

Big bro Martin was helping with Lizzy today and I remembered that this handsome guy asked me last week.

“I wonder what our lives would be like if Lizzy wasn’t autistic? I think every one of us would be different. I know I would be. Poor baby, I just want her to get better.”

Being 14 years old I thought it was beautiful that he thinks of his baby sister and wants the best for her. Again, thank you God for using someone I love to show me the way. Never ceases to amaze me.

Our favorite flowers 07 14 2010 B

Lizzy had her Hep B 10M at 6pm and as of 8:50pm no signs. My guess it will hit later. Maybe we will have an easy night or not. Either way, I feel strong enough to deal with it. Today was an eye opener.

Yesterday Ian and I went out to lunch to talk about teenage stuff and I saw these flowers right outside the door. Now this restaurant is nothing fancy by any means, and we stopped there because it was close. Again, reminders and hope. Sunflowers are Todd’s favorite flower and mine is Black Eyed Susans. And there they are right next to each other.  It is amazing what one can see when their eyes are open to God’s gifts. I hope my vision is in the proper focus everyday.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

07 14 2010 Reminders Are Everywhere

Lizzy did not wake up last night until 5:30 am. We gave her a cup of juice and back to sleep she drifted. She woke up at 10:45 a.m. in a great mood.

She has had a very good day, and played by herself quite a bit. She was not seeking out interaction as much as usual.

She did respond very well when one approached her or crossed her path. As I arrived home from our bi-monthly shopping trip she greeted us with “Hi guys”. It was so cute!

Amelia has a keyboard that plays certain song selections and she was playing her favorites and enjoying her classroom.

07 14 2010 Lizzy lining up items B

My observations have been that after a strong aggravation she will line things up and play more by herself. This has been for the past 18 months. No matter what the remedy. It seems to me that it is the strength of the aggravation that leads her to this behavior.

But as I stated before, she has been in a very good mood all day. Her appetite was good and everything was very low key for her.

A little back story

Amelia, Katie and I left the house at 7:30 am to do shopping, and the Queen Anne’s Lace is in its glory. We saw it everywhere. As we noticed this beautiful site, we reflected on our Lizzy and prayed for her. Every time Amelia and I do our shopping  we manage to bring the conversation back to Lizzy.  We cry, hand each other Kleenex and help heal each other. It is really a neat time for us to talk without being interrupted. Katie is pretty cooperative.

All of the beautiful flowers gave us a sense of hope and reminded us of the beauty that God shares with us each day.  Even when times are difficult and painful He shows us His presence. I always marvel at this. I bet people drive by these beautiful flowers every day and don’t even see them. Pity. It is the simple things that make my heart smile and swell with gratitude.

07 14 2010 shopping trip

Katie did not last on the way back, but she did manage to hold on to her corn chip. “What a trooper!” After  visiting 2 markets and the pet store we head home. Unpack, put it all away and head out to the dairy for milk.

07 14 2010 Dairy Farm B

Again, I get in the van with Martin and Willy and witness even more Queen Anne’s Lace. Thank you God for the reminders.

07 14 2010 Dairy Farm Calf

We buy 10 gallons of milk and proceed to go check out the “Girls”. It was past 4 p.m. so they were in the barn. Prior to 4 they are out grazing and eating grass in one of the beautiful spots in Ct. They seem so content. They are allowed to do what God designed them to do. Eat grass, raise their young in a stress free enviroment. Thanks for the reminder God. We are so blessed to live where we do.

7 14 2010 Dairy farm

Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully our baby girl will have another good one. She needs it.

Lizzy is due for her remedy again on Thursday. It will be the last one for a couple of weeks. This way her system can level off and we can see what she needs next.

Again, thank you God for the humble reminders that keep us in the right frame of mind. To enjoy all of His gifts every day no matter what size or shape they come in.

Sweet Dreams To All