07 13 2010 The Pain of Progress

07 13 2010 Lizzy 10 am

Lizzy only stirred twice last night. She slept until 10 am and was slightly out of it.

She has another exteriorization on her stomach, and it is very itchy.

07 13 2010 exteriorization on tummy Hep B 10M

By 1pm she was irritable and wanted to go outside. It has been raining, so we are in today. That is not something she is willing to accept.

Hitting, screaming, and biting others has been her behavior for the last 6 hours.  I have decided to administer Hep B 10M diluted so we can bring her back down to a normal level.

We gave her 3 drops diluted in 1 cup of water and will administer 1 teaspoon every hour until symptoms decrease. It usually only takes one tsp. so we will see. It is now 6:50 pm.

07 13 2010 Lizzy 7:20 pm after fit

At 7:15 pm she stopped screaming. Still wanting to go outside, she threw a fit. She was actually crying this time.

These moments are the hardest. Logic is no consolation as your child continues to scream and carry on. No parent likes to see any of their children in pain or distress. Knowing that she is having a rough time does not provide solace for us either.

But we need to enforce what needs to be done to keep her safe. Thunder and Lightning is not something to be taken lightly. Understanding the answer  no, is never easy for any child. I imagine a child who has special needs is no different.

Maybe she is  like so many other females, a good cry is very therapeutic.

I know it helps me.

07 13 2010 Lizzy 8 pm

As of 8 pm Lizzy has eaten and calmed down quite a bit. She is still hyper, but not upset. PRAISE GOD!

I feel that we do not need to give her any more dilutions for now. She has been more affectionate and compliant to our requests. ie: time for pajamas, etc.

It is still amazing to me how sensitive her system is.  Now we know why she reacted the way she has to the vaccines. Everyone is different.

Lizzy 07 02 2009

She has come quite a long way since this picture was taken. The look in her eye and her sensitivities to noise, touch and food has improved greatly. We still have a long way to go, but progress takes time and sometimes includes pain and difficulty.

We all are far too familiar with this.  I write about it now so I can remind myself when I begin to feel heavy-hearted. Everyone has some challenge in their life at this very moment. Our family is no exception. I pray for peace, strength and healing for us all.  Not only my immediate family but everyone who reads this blog site.

May God shine His light upon each and every one of us. Provide us with the strength and endurance we need to deal with our daily challenges. In Jesus’ name I pray.

Good Night