07 12 2010 Last Week of Hep B

07 12 2010 Lizzy at 11 am. B

Poor Lizzy woke up at 3 a.m. and was very upset. She seemed to have had a nightmare. She did not want to be alone, and was not content unless her back was being rubbed.

She would ask for books and feverishly turn the pages. Lizzy was angry!! If she is anything like her mom, she does not do well when wakened without a good reason. This is the same for her bro Ian.

Lizzy still asleep at 11:30 am 07 12 2010

Toddo stayed up with her until 6:30 am. During that 3 hour time span she was screaming and very difficult. This time she did manage to wake up Mattie and Katie. Thank God they were not awake for too long.

Now at 11:50 am Lizzy is awake and fussing. She was screaming out her distress call and not communicating.

For the last 3 days she wakes up and says, “Mouse”, while we are changing her Pull Up.

I am guessing that she is really saying mouth.  I think this because she stops saying it after she has her cup of Naked Juice.

Sleeping with her mouth open is something she does from time to time.  Her mouth could be very dry. I am a mouth breather also. Waking up parched is something I experience also and it is a very strange feeling. Maybe yes maybe no.

I was reading in my cell salt book that Kali Phos (potassium) helps with this. Might be something to consider later. In the interim I can add more coconut water to her diet which is loaded with potassium. She likes it ice-cold, and I sneak it in with her Naked Juice and supplements. Maybe it will help. Can’t hurt.

Dori Vallis and I concur on the fact that we do not need to add anything else into the mix right now. We are even waiting on seeing our osteopath. We still want to proceed with osteopathy. I personally love it. It has enabled so much healing for me personally and the rest of the family.  We are planning on getting back to see our D.O. real soon.

If anyone is interested. The best book I have found on osteopathic medicine is by Robert C. Fulford, D.O. titled Dr. Fulford’s “Touch of Life”. Great overview. It was recommended by our D.O. Dr. Andrew Goldman, and it helped me understand the process much more.

07 12 2010 Lizzy at 215 p.m.

Gave Lizzy her Hep B 10M remedy at 12:30 p.m. If you recall this is the final potency change for a while. If you remember:Week 1 30c, Week 2 200C , Week 3 1M, Week 4 10M The potencies increase every week in order to remove the vaccine damage.

No signs, of any aggravations. Lizzy did scream to get her way, but no major meltdowns. Her appetite is good and she seems to be very content.

07 12 2010 Lizzy at 215 p.m. C

As you have seen, Lizzy is fascinated with the hose and playing with the puddles. Willy volunteered to join her outside and that was a great idea. William has a natural ability to teach.

07 12 2010 Lizzy and Willie outside 245pm

For example he quotes lines from her favorite tv shows and just lets her be. If she starts to do something that is dangerous or not allowed he gently tells her no and explains why. God has blessed Todd and I with our wonderful children for different reasons. When I witness their compassion, attention to Lizzy and each other, my heart swells with pride and my eyes  with tears.

They can also fight, and micro manage each other.  Which is very typical and irritating. But I know their hearts are in the right spot when it really counts. God bless each and every one of them!

07 12 2010 Lizzy ext. right leg 430 pm

As of 4:30 p.m. we have an exteriorization on her right thigh this time. She does not mind it being touched, so we will wait and see.  Her behavior has been great so far.

07 12 2010 Gabriel tortilla maker

We had chicken tacos for dinner with rice and beans. Lizzy was lifting up her tortilla to me and saying, “Cookie”. I told her it was a tortilla and she repeated it with great clarity.

Her big bro Gabriel is quite the organic flour tortilla maker. He loves to work in the kitchen. The tortillas were very good and Lizzy enjoyed them very much.

As of 7 p.m. Lizzy’s behavior is a little problematic. She is hyper and getting in to everything.  Her mood is great and she even gave Matthew a hug for no reason. Just because I guess.

Todd was home today so she got one more day with “Why Sure”. That always helps all of us.

07 12 2010 Lizzy and Daddy

Our little Lizzy Gal is hopefully going to sleep well and through the night.  It is my turn to get up with her.  Hope she is not uncomfortable, and that she has pleasant dreams.

Til tomorrow. Good night all!