07 09 2010 Let the Battle of Wills Begin

Well Lizzy was very comfortable last night until about midnight. She requested to be downstairs and we brought her down for a snack.

Lizzy requested “bissgetti” and enjoyed it very much. She picked up Amelia’s iphone and proceeded to glance through her photos and commented on her sister Katie.

“That’s the baby!” All was well after being tucked in and kisses given.


Helen vs Ann from The Miracle Worker

About 3am she started screaming. It was a distress call.  No tears.

I rushed in to her room to discover Ian standing there.  He informs me that she broke her DVD player. I told her to wait and she accepted that. I tried to resuscitate the electronic victim but my efforts were in vain. The poor machine belted out a final cry of pain and it was all over. No Amy repair shop for him.  Unplugging it we removed the victim and his counterpart the tv. That was enough to send her in to a screaming fit.

This continues for an hour as I remind her that it is broken and it is time for bed.

She was not interested! Her protesting and getting out of bed continued as I reminded her and placed her back in bed.  The battle has begun!

But, on a positive note one of her attempts included, “Amelia, Amelia, you come and help with the tv?'”

I said, “No, no one else is going to help you, it is bed time.” The screaming continues.

We went back and forth for 40 minutes. She finally gave in and stayed in bed. Still trying to scream and get her way, I stood my ground with, “No, it is time for bed no tv.”

Through the grace of God she did not wake up her other siblings. Must be nice to sleep that deeply.

Sitting at the foot of her bed, I slowly started to dose off while sitting up. I woke up at 3:50 a.m. leaning on her plush animals we bought two weeks ago.  I knew we would NEED those things.

Looking over at her she was out. The battle of wills ended and I went to bed. Praise God!

07 09 2010 noon

She woke up noon, no screaming but not very content.

Dori Vallis  ( homeopath and ND) and I agree that she is angry. She is frustrated and right fully so.

I remember Amelia asked Lizzy one day, “Do you mind being autistic?” She just looked to the right and sighed.

Lizzy's flower in her old room 05 2010

We know she is in there. Stuck and not aware of what she needs to do to escape. Desperately we are trying to free her from this place. But it takes time and it will happen when the time is right. Patience.

The flower shown is a toy we purchased for Lizzy that dances and sings You Are My Sunshine. We had to install the safety gate to prevent her from  standing on the sill and leaning on the glass.

We would find this flower placed behind the gate quite often. Questioning the other kids we discovered that Lizzy was placing it there. The symbolism is amazing.

Today right ear and left eye slightly swollen.  Noise sensitivity has returned with a vengeance. Had to separate Lizzy and Mattie three times today.

Hopefully, now that Daddy is home and her Cuprum is scheduled for tomorrow we will have a pleasant weekend.  Daddy does not have to work as we thought. YES!!!!

The entire household is better when Dad is home. I know I am.

07 09 2010 Lizzy

Daddy at work

At 8pm all is well and she is very content. We are going to wait until about 10pm to put her in bed. Through the grace of God we will all sleep well  tonight.

May God shine His light upon our precious girl and lead us to help in her recovery.

Sweet Dreams to all.