07 08 2010 Going Back in Order to Go Forward

07 08 2010 "I feel good!" 11 am

Lizzy woke up this morning after sleeping about 10 hours. No interruptions what so ever. YEAH!!!!!!

07 08 2010 11am Cashews Anyone?

As you can see she is very content today. No screaming or fussing.

Gave her the second dose of Hep B 1M no reaction as of 2:15 pm

07 08 2010 Now it's my turn

Of course no summer day is complete without going outside. Lizzy went to the greenhouse turned on the water and was in charge of the whole show. Poor Katie was startled by the cold water Lizzy accidently sprayed her with. Oops!

Oops Lizzy sprayed me! Katie 07 08 2010

All was forgiven as the gang started to play.

07 08 2010 the joys of life

Gabriel and Lizzy love to run from one end of the yard to the other.  He is such a great big bro. They all are. (If I say so myself)

07 08 2010 330pm 3 hours after Hep B 1M

At approximately 3pm Lizzy started to become intolerant and irritable. We were eating spaghetti with meat sauce (her favorite), she took two bites and asked to go to her room. She was happily playing with her plush animals when I peeked in on her at 315pm.

By 3:30pm she was not interested in even getting her picture taken. Usually when she sees one holding an iphone she says”Smile”. Let’s see what else the day will bring. Hopefully she will not be too uncomfortable.

07 08 2010 420 ext. Hep B 1M left thigh

07 08 2010 420pm ext. Hep B 1M left side of stomach

Well, at 4:20pm we have two exteriorizations on the left side. One on her stomach and one on her left thigh. The ones on her stomach itched so we put some Sting Stop on it. Have you tried this stuff? It works great without all of the harsh ingredients. I tucked her in to bed and gave her a cup of Naked juice, hopefully a little rest will help.

At 5:30 pm Lizzy is trying to bang her head on the floor because her noise sensitivity has returned. Matthew’s voice is the one that sends her over the edge.

We are trying to teach him to whisper but how many 33 month old kids are willing to do that.  We defuse it immediately by separating them and cover her ears and comfort her.

Lizzy is also pushing on her lower abdomen. This is the same thing that happened on Monday 07/04/2010.

In an attempt to distract her we tried a little dress up. She loves this!

07 08 2010 dress up time

It worked for a little bit. My bet is we are in for a rough ride tonight.  If the sensitivity increases I will administer some of the same remedy diluted even more. This will lessen the aggravation.

At 7:10pm I administered a dilution of the Hep B 1M. Placed 3 drops of the remedy in one cup of water and gave her 1 teaspoon straight from there. Now at 7:30pm Matthew was expressing himself and she did not even look at him. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is about 8pm and we found another exteriorization on her right thigh. At least they are working their way down. We want to see them working their way out of the body. Start at the top and work their way down through the feet.

07 08 2010 rt. thigh ext. 8 pm Hep B 1M

At 8:15 pm all is quiet and our little girl is resting in her room.

07 08 2010 815pm Lizzy resting in bed

With God’s help she will have a good night’s sleep and pleasant dreams.  I know that she needs it.  Dear God let the healing continue tomorrow.

Good Night All.