07 05 2010 Leading and Being Led

Exterioirzation #2 07 05 2010

Lizzy had a good night. She called out once in her sleep but did not wake up.

She awakened at 7 a.m. with her left eye swollen again. Note: she had her Cuprum 30c  diluted in one cup of water on Sat. 07 03 2010 .

07 05 2010 left ear exteriorization

Plus, her left ear was very red and she is not speaking as much. She is not at her best today.

I wouldn’t be either. Honestly, I’m not. My heart becomes heavy when I see her with these exteriorizations.  Knowing that sometimes one has to go back in order to go forward is not a big comfort to me today.  I pray about it and am granted the gift of strength. Forward march.

07 05 2010 the gang outside

Lizzy did want to go outside and play. She got the hose all by herself and TURNED on the water on her own.  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It took everything we had not to help her. We keep having to remind each other to let her try on her own. If we are patient enough she will do it eventually. Plus, if she really needs help she will have to ask.  More speech. Brother is this one hard! Sometimes in order to help someone we have to let them learn on their own. We are still not sure what learning style Lizzy has so we keep all possibilities open.

Lizzy and Katie 07 05 2010 puddles rock

If you recall from yesterday, Lizzy’s sister Katie was very reluctant about the water. Not today. She followed her big sister and had a great time.

Katie loves puddles 07 05 2010

Lizzy accidently pushed Katie, and she landed on her bottom. Lizzy replied “Sorry”. My heart was smiling, God knew I needed that today. Again, when we NEED it.

Matthew digging on the dirt 07 05 2010

Lizzy did not interact with her baby bro Mattie like this. She was very different when he was Katie’s age.  In fact, Matthew is very cautious around Lizzy, whatever she wants to do is okay by him.   When he was younger she was not a participant, she was in her own world. He tried, but she was not ready.

My poor baby.  One could see the look in his eye. “What did I do, how come she won’t play with me?” He learned very early on what the boundaries are with her. Now he waits for her to lead. This 33 month old is with the program. Way to go Mattie!

There also comes a time when she must be led.  This is true for all of us. Especially when hurtful behavior is exhibited. Elizabeth has been frustrated today which has led to hitting and biting. The poor victims have been Willy and Gabriel. They remind her by saying, “No hitting”. We all tell her the same thing. This is an old behavior that has resurfaced. It is very common when using homeopathy. Hopefully, it will not last too long.

One thing Lizzy has maintained throughout all of this is her appetite. She had a big dinner tonight which consisted of asian noodles with seared beef and organic Earl Gray iced tea. She loved it!

Now at 8pm all is calm and well. May we have sweet dreams and a restful night. Be back tomorrow. Good Night.