07 04 2010 Spectator Then Participant

07 04 2010 Lizzy the spectator

Lizzy woke up last night and went back to sleep fairly easy. She woke up at 1pm and was very quiet and somewhat spacey. More spectator than participant.

Lizzy and Katie spectators 07 04 2010

As the day progressed, Lizzy slowly came around and joined in.

Lizzy, Willy and Gabriel 07 04 2010

It is amazing how we all are spectators sometimes. For some reason we choose to stand off on the sidelines and not participate. Insecurity, shyness, uncertainty what ever the reason we all do it. I can only imagine how much difficult it is for people who are on the autism spectrum. Again, our baby girl is teaching and leading. Her influence is amazing.

Little Katie participating 07 04 2010

Her baby sister was influenced by Lizzy’s actions too. Now before, Katie did not like to get wet at all. After observing her sister and brothers she gave it a try. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  KATIE LOVES PUDDLES! If she had not taken the first step and taken a chance she would still be a spectator.

Puddles rock! 07 04 2010

We view Lizzy’s recovery in the same way. We could sit back and be spectators or we can participate with her and learn by her lead and her perspective.  This special child was placed in our family to guide and teach us. The key is to keep our eyes, heart and mind open to who she is. She will always be autistic that is part of who she is. We just want her to be the BEST Lizzy she can be. Happy, healthy and enjoying God’s gift of life. We need to try to walk in her shoes every moment.

Sounds good to me. I’ll take a pair in my size.