Day 11 Would You Like Some Chips With Your Dip?

Lizzy 07 02 2010 after waking up

Applause Applause!! Lizzy did not wake up at 3am last night. We put her to bed later and it worked out great.

When she woke up she was not at her best. She is starting to dip. That means that her remedy is wearing off and she needs it again. But, on a happy note she is due to receive it tomorrow. Great job Dori!!  Dori Valis ND is our new homeopath, and we are going to administer to her Cuprum liquid instead of pellets. In the past, the liquid dilutions really suited her. So Saturday is the day.  Thanks again Dori!

Ain't Life Grand

More screaming than yesterday, but otherwise she was very content. Not as verbal or affectionate but that is to be expected when one dips.

Even though she dipped she is still an active participant in all that we do. It is nothing like 36 to 24  months ago when she was off in her own world every moment of every day. Thank God those heart wrenching days are over. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. To have someone you love just slip away and not even know you are in the room with them is beyond comprehension. When one feels that in their own skin then they know. Otherwise it is just imagining with sympathy and empathy. I used to be one of those people.

Amelia,Lizzy and Katie playing 07 02 2010

As one can see, Lizzy is not the little girl she was a while ago. She has joined the race!

Lizzy on her Mom's lap 07 02 10

We still have a long way to go. But now she comes up to us and searches for affection and interaction. There is nothing like this feeling! Every time she does it to one of us we all melt inside. Trying to keep from crying every time  is so difficult.

I am not sad anymore, that she is autistic. I am praising God for his mercy and the wonder of recovering our baby girl.

Pardon while I search for my Kleenex, I should buy stock in those things!