June 28, 2010 In Comes the Angel of Mercy

Elizabeth woke up this morning at 3am screaming again.  As I am springing out of bed(being 33 weeks pregnant is a miracle in itself) to see to her needs I think dear God help me. I don’t think I can do this tonight! In the process of checking all possibilities…. in comes an angel of mercy. God had chosen my dear sweet husband Todd who states” I got this go back to bed”. Now keep in mind that this man has to be up in 2 hours to catch a train to Manhattan. The train ride is 2 hours long each way. Plus, he has an overwhelming amount of work to do this week and we will not see him until Friday July 2nd.

Thanking him I stagger back to bed and ponder on his wonderful generosity. Grateful that God had chosen him as the one to help,  I slowly drift back to sleep.  How blessed  I am to have him as a partner and father to our eight children. Yes, we are not perfect by any means but when it really counts we are there for each other.

Todd awakens me at 5:30am and says it’s time to get up. He informs me that Lizzy is okay and happy just AWAKE. He had taken care of her for the last 2 1/2 hours instead of getting his much-needed sleep.  What an angel?!

Again, Lizzy has been one to allow us to see all of the wonderful things in our lives. It’s not that we didn’t see them before but she allows us to see things on a whole new level.  Especially when we are at our weakest.

Choosing to go inward I really take a look at myself and those around me. Out of disaster comes opportunity. What a great lesson it has been for us all.

For example:  last night we had roasted chicken for dinner. Of course the prized wish bone was dried and shared between Willie and Martin. They stood in front of each other in mortal combat mode and pulled. Willy was victorious. As we are sitting around talking Willy shares what his wish was.

“Mom, I won the wish bone pull and I wished for Lizzy to get better.  I guess it doesn’t work after all.”

Telling him that it takes time my heart  filled with more love and admiration for my little dude. What an awesome tribute to his little sister! Again, seeing God’s work through others.

I get up I take Todd to the station and return. Lizzy  is finally asleep at  6:30am. She was happy just awake for 3 and 1/2 hours. And so it goes on.

She wakes up at noon with her eye very swollen.

Seeing this, I shake off my tears and proceed to act like I don’t mind.  She doesn’t mind, she was very content, affectionate, cooperative and verbal. So I follow her lead and keep going. We had a good day! She played outside and ran through the sprinklers again and is now watching her Favorite Scooby Doo.

So let’s see what tonight will bring. Through the grace of God I will have the strength tonight now that I received a little more sleep and a jump-start to my heart by my “Angel of Mercy”.  Thanks Toddo xo

2 thoughts on “June 28, 2010 In Comes the Angel of Mercy

  1. Kleenex abounds here. God bless all of you for being such an awesome family for Elizabeth! I believe in angels………….Todd you’re awesome. Get some sleep……….. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

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