Reason for Blog 06/25/2010

Hello All,

This blog was created to inform and document the recovery of our autistic child. There are so many changes that happen each day and it is very difficult to share with everyone involved. So, this is the resolution. Pictures, films and daily notes will be shared by myself and my oldest daughter.

Why Queen Anne’s Lace? Well, it is our autistic daughter’s favorite and it also symbolizes the many details that make up our precious baby girl. From a distance it looks like any other pretty white flower. As one gets closer you can see the small details that make up the entire flower. That is our Baby Elizabeth!

Plus, the red spot in the center of the flower (according to description) was from Queen Anne who poked herself causing a drop of blood to fall on her beautiful lace.  That represents her pain and the pain of those who have fought to recover our precious girl.

So each entry will document her progress of  healing and the healing of the hearts that love her so.

4 thoughts on “Reason for Blog 06/25/2010

  1. Bless you. What an awesome idea! I’ll write more another time. This is a wonderful idea, especially because I live so far from Sweet Elizabeth and want to keep connected to what is going on in her life and yours. I think the analogy you have made with Lizzie and Queen Anne’s Lace is precious. Our lives are a tapestry. Lizzie’s life will not go in vain. She has an awesome purpose in this world. She is blessed to have you as a mother and Amelia to assist you and her. All of your family is a blessing to your sweet girl, Elizabeth. Let the blogging begin………….

  2. a wonderful, heart felt site. this site not only shows a mom struggle to recover her daughter from autism but, how it impacts the family as a whole and how they help.
    this will open many door yet unseen and touch the heart of anyone who has owns one.

  3. I have just created our own blog to document my son’s recovery doing CEASE therapy. I hope all is well with Lizzy, We will begin MMR remedy tonight, we are very hopeful and truly hope to be able to post progress soon! Best wishes to you and Lizzy!

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