3 Months Later…

Latest Information:

current remedy: Belladonna 30C

date of last dosing:  01 19 2013
current CEASE clearing and dose:  Pediarix 1M week 7

completed CEASE clearings to date Hep B (2 rounds) , Dtap, MMR (3 rounds) Varicella ( 3 rounds)

beginning date of CEASE therapy:  June 21, 2010

current supplements: Omega 3, Ascorbyl Palmitate , zinc 25mg, milk thistle 400mg, turmeric tincture, multiple vitamin, probiotic

daily therapies: epsom salt baths,  sage smudgings, aroma therapy – heart chakra essential oil

cell saltKail Phos 6x

returning old symptoms :  licking of hands, screaming, yeast smelling bowel movements, scalp sensitivity, did not want hair combed or cut

significant positive behaviors:   very affectionate, obeying when asked to do something, imaginative play, conversational speech, use of iphone for texting, overall maturity and happiness

sleep: excellent


Hello All!

Lizzy's "rhino"
Lizzy’s “rhino”

Lizzy has been doing well and we have had some small set backs on Pediarix 1M. Some exteriorizations and the return of old symptoms. The most significant was the day that I decided to cut her hair in order to make things easier for her. I explained it to her and she did not complain until she looked in the mirror. With both hands on her face she looked at herself she cried and said “Oh my God!” I felt about as bad as a mom could feel. We hugged each other and cried together. She had never behaved this way before. Getting her hair cut was never such a traumatic event until one month ago.

After receiving the Saturday remedy Belladonna 30C all of the hair/scalp issues vanished. But what did show up again was the licking of her hands. Oh man! So back we go to washing her hands all day long until her dose of Pediarix 1M on the following Monday. All symptoms vanished again. The Pediarix 1M has turned into the positive thing to help her through. We have been on Pediarix for over 6 months now and we feel that it will take longer to free her of these toxins. Though the process seems slow, it is steady and constant. This is fine with us. This allows me the time to do more research, studying and just plain mothering. Which is fine with me. I love being a mom.

reiki_therapy_naturalAnother new treatment we will be starting next week, is Reiki  for Elizabeth. Reiki is a form of gentle energy transmission administered through the hands of the therapist. I was referred to a wonderful local therapist and the two sessions I have had with her were very helpful. I like to experience the therapy first so that I can understand what takes place and hopefully it will give me insight into understanding any problems that may arise afterwards. I hope that Lizzy will benefit from her new therapist and continue to heal and become free from autism. This will happen, it is just a matter of time.

The other new daily therapy we have implemented is sage smudging. http://www.ehow.com/how_4890764_smudge-with-sage.html

sb10067558am-001Sage smudging is an ancient practice of removing negative energy from a room, person or item. The effect it has on the house and its inhabitants is very helpful. I also discovered that smudging helps remove positive ions from the room which causes all of us to feel tension, fatigue and depression. With all of the wireless and electrical appliances one has in their home it is no surprise that we are all overwhelmed. Especially our Lizzy. She is a sensitive little lady and it makes sense that all of the things we are not feeling,  she is.

Lizzy from time to time has a very funky touch. Sometimes when she touches me, Amelia or Willy we all sense the same uncomfortable energy. The others do not pick up on this like the three of us. I feel that she is absorbing some kind of energy that is not needed by her body. As soon as I feel it in her touch I give her a sage smudging and it is gone almost instantly. Energy. How amazing is this? This has opened up a whole new series of study and exploration for me. This little lady has taught me so many things. Thank you Lizzy! 

We will continue with all of therapies, supplements we listed above. Through the grace of God all autistic children will recover and empower the world with a new understanding of love, hope and life.  For this journey is not without purpose. It is a purpose that is slowly revealed over time. And these are the ones that we appreciate most.

Blessings to All

10/22/12 “Come Join You Lizzy”

Hello All,

Elizabeth is still on Pediarix 200C and Cuprum 30C for her Saturday remedy. We are seeing exteriorizations and progress. The exteriorizations are the same as the others. Itchy red bumps, warm to the touch.  I spoke with her homeopath on 10/12/12 and we both agree that we need to keep going with this potency. The 200C potency has done great things in the past so we will continue until it has finished its work on her system.

The most noteworthy change that has taken place recently is her ability to play. Though I have mentioned this in the past, it is improving more and more. Elizabeth is engaging in imaginative play with more detail and purpose. The scenarios she creates with her dolls, action figures and stuff around the house is very encouraging. For example, she sets our dining room table with plates, cups, a tea-pot and napkins for her dolls. She seats her guests and attends to their needs. Elizabeth proceeds to ask them by name if they would like “More tea”. It is adorable to watch. Our little lady is emerging and enjoying playtime with her toys plus her siblings.

Katie, Howard and Matthew engage in numerous sessions of play and it is wonderful to witness. Katie and Elizabeth go to and from each others rooms. Katie continues to encourage Elizabeth by saying “Come on Lizzy, let’s play”. One can see the joy Elizabeth is feeling as she skips and laughs back to Katie. They chase one another, slam doors and giggle. Typical kid stuff. Love it!! For the first time, in a long time I had to remind the two of them to be quiet and stop making so much noise. In all honesty I did not want to kill their groove, but Howard was taking his nap and they were getting crazy with each other.

Elizabeth also loves to sit in our 15 passenger van and pretend to drive. She turns on the lights, puts on my Prada sunglasses and travels around town. Typical kid stuff!! YES!!!!!! I am so happy to see her enjoy her playtime and her siblings. I love the fact that Matthew, Katie and Howard invite her to play when she is not with them. This keeps her from being alone while playing and encourages her to become part of a group more often. Thank God for Katie’s, Matthew’s and Howard’s invitations. They are an absolute blessing.  Matthew tells Elizabeth frequently, “Come join you Lizzy”. He is one sweet little dude. Yes they have moments of sibling strife but this too is a real blessing. The big sister Elizabeth emerges from time to time and reminds the three of them to “Be quiet, get in bed”. She says it with a sweet grin for the most part, but sometimes the trio gets loud and one can see that she really wants them to be quiet. Very cool indeed!

Halloween is around the corner and all of our kids are getting their costumes ready. Elizabeth has decided to be a 17th century princess. The costume looks wonderful on her. Her verbal expression of Halloween terms is wonderful. She identifies monsters, candy, trick or treat and the like. She loves to dress up. I am very excited about Halloween this year. Elizabeth is really aware of it this time. Our small town has trick or treating on Main Street which reminds one of a Norman Rockwell painting. It is old school Americana. Just how it used to be decades ago. Just clean, simple fun.

School has been going pretty well. The only difficulty I have with Elizabeth is she has been very stubborn about using her scissors correctly. She insists on using them like a hedge trimmer. Using both hands she wants to cut her assignments in this manner. When I try to show her a different way she pulls them away and says “No, mine.” This is going to take more time obviously so back to the drawing board for me. We have been teaching her and her younger siblings the concept of names. We printed out a pic of each member of the family and labeled it with a name tag. The visual reminder has given her the ability to name other things as well. Her toys, pets and other folks from shows and movies. She has done this in the past, but she really gets it now. In the past she would use colors or physical descriptions, now she gives the name of things and or people. More improvement, bigger scope.

I recently purchased Elizabeth a Merida doll from the movie Brave. She has not seen the movie yet so I was telling her about the doll. This particular doll is dressed in a gown and comes with a decorative comb for her hair.  As Elizabeth held the doll, I placed the comb on the back of the dolls head. Elizabeth looks at the doll and says “Oh, girl king”. I was so excited for her. The fact that she took two words on her own and put them in the proper context was very exciting. No one else in the house has used that term so it was her own deductive reasoning. YEAH!

Her verbal exchange with me has expanded and her inquisitive nature is emerging. For example, she comes in to my room and says “Hello Dear”. I respond and begin to talk about what I am doing. This time I was cleaning my room and reorganizing books and numerous journals. I told her I did not know where I was going to put all of these things. She turned her head with a puzzled look and said “What are you doing that for?” I elaborated on the need to keep them organized in order to find things and be able to access her info. and  info. on the rest of her siblings. She continued to observe and then she exited the room by saying “Good-bye Dear”.

These are a few examples of the progress we are seeing with Elizabeth. Though the process is slow, we are seeing great things from her everyday. Through the grace of God she will continue to emerge and be freed of the toxins that prohibit her from sharing her true self. May God continue to heal our baby girl and every child who is dealing with autism. It is just a matter of time, faith and patience. As my dear, sweet Aunt Bette used to say, “One drop at a time we fill the bucket.”

Blessings to All.

“Hello Woman”, Goodbye Friend

Latest Information:

current remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

date of last dosing:  09 15 2012
current CEASE clearing and dose:  Pediarix 200c week six

Completed CEASE clearings to date Hep B (2 rounds) , Dtap, MMR (3 rounds) Varicella ( 3 rounds)

beginning date of CEASE therapy:  June 21, 2010

current supplements: Omega 3, Ascorbyl Palmitate , zinc 25mg, milk thistle 400mg

cell salt: Kail Phos 6x

returning old symptoms :    noise sensitivity, twirling hair on tongue

significant positive behaviors:   very affectionate, obeying when asked to do something, imaginative play, using new words and phrases

sleep: excellent


Hello All!

Elizabeth handled the Pediarix 30c clearing pretty well. She was on it for 8 weeks and we saw some changes. We had some exteriorizations and more speech. I love doing CEASE therapy in this manner. To stay on the same potency until we see nothing either positive or negative works great for her and me. I am allowed to see what the potency really does for her. The 200c stage was started on August 13th and we have had some sleep issues. One night exactly. She was restless, angry and screaming. (old symptom less severity) Plus her sleep pattern has changed. Elizabeth is going to bed later than usual. Instead of going to bed at nine she is going to bed at 10pm or 11pm. She is sleeping 10 to 12 hours straight!! Her decision to go to sleep later has nothing to do with the clearing. I think she wants to hang out with her brothers and play with her toy animals. Typical kid stuff. YES!!!

Speech has been a plus and she told her daddy in the clearest voice, “I love you”. This was the first time she told him this. He was beside himself. He picked her up and swung her around. It was so beautiful to witness.

My inability to blog frequently is simple. Too many things to do in the day!! 9 kids, pets, new school year, the list is long. Plus, Elizabeth has really leveled off and we do not have too many new things to share as often. This is fine with me. She is doing very well so far and it is all good.

With our new school year starting next week we will be even busier. I am very anxious to begin this school year. I am hoping for many new things from Elizabeth and the rest of the clan. With Elizabeth tolerating this clearing, we can get much more accomplished. Thank you God!!

Mom 18 months

My mom visited last month and we all hated to see her go. Elizabeth would tell her “Hello woman”! It was the cutest thing. God bless my mom. She is an awesome grandma and one of my best friends. I love you Mushy!!!

During my mom’s visit we had to put one of dogs down. She had kidney problems and it was such a blessing to have mom here to help us through. It was Ian’s dog that we lost and Mom went with me to take care of her. My mom has always been there during times like this. I am so grateful to her for being there for Ian and myself. She made a very difficult, painful situation a little easier. After we got back home the kids were asking about our dear “Pugo”. Elizabeth heard Katie repeatedly asking about our dog and she finally interjected. “Pugo is dead, she’s gone.”  I was amazed!! This little woman is taking it all in. We are so proud of her.

Another first for us involved Gabriel this time. Gabriel was playing follow the leader with Elizabeth. What we do is follow her around and do every single thing that she does or asks us to do. I observed them enjoying themselves outside and it was wonderful to see. As I was hanging clothes on the line I noticed the two of them laying on the grass and looking up at the sky. As I turned to hang up more items Gabriel came running up to me with that beautiful smile. “Mom, Lizzy just told me I love you and I need you very much!” Again my heart swelled with joy. Now, Gabriel is not one for any “Bigfoot sightings” or carrying tales so I knew it had to be so. Elizabeth is expressing herself in a very deep manner. Thank you God!! Our baby is one her way back. It is just a matter of time.

Thank God for all of the wonderful things we have seen from Elizabeth. I also want to thank all of my other kids who help so much with her and everything else. They are an awesome bunch. Todd and I are truly blessed. May God continue to heal our precious girl and help us to grow and change right along with her. For through Him all is possible.

Until next time..

07 06 12 Pediarix 30C Week Three

Latest Information:

current remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

date of last dosing:  06 30 2012
current CEASE clearing and dose:  Pediarix 30C week three

Completed CEASE clearings to date Hep B (2 rounds) , Dtap, MMR (3 rounds) Varicella ( 3 rounds)

beginning date of CEASE therapy:  June 21, 2010

aggravations: left side exteriorization – red itchy lumps on back

current supplements: Omega 3, Ascorbyl Palmitate , zinc 25mg

returning old symptoms :   impatience, noise sensitivity, hyperactivity

significant positive behaviors:   very affectionate, obeying when asked to do something, imaginative play, trying new activities, speech clarity, improved writing skills, maturity and independence

Hello All!

The last five weeks have consisted of a new clearing and lots of waiting. Elizabeth started a Pediarix (http://vaccineinfo.net/immunization/vaccine/dtap/pediarix.shtml) clearing three weeks ago and we have seen some great changes. The news with this clearing is, we are going to break away from our regular clearing protocol and stay on the same potency until we see no changes either positive or negative. This is an approach used in CEASE therapy but Elizabeth has never gone through a clearing in this manner before. In order to clarify let me say…

During her past clearings we would administer a different potency of the same remedy for one month. Week one 30C, week two 200C, week three 1M and finally week four would be the 10M potency. We would watch and wait and began the same clearing again or start a new one. This time we will milk each potency until we see nothing either positive or negative. We will continue to do this with each potency until we finish with the 10M. There is no set time with this approach. Elizabeth will be guiding us as always.

Elizabeth and Matthew with chocolate faces

I discussed it with our CEASE therapist and she gave me the choice to do this clearing in the manner I think Elizabeth would benefit most. I chose this protocol due to the fact this was a combo vaccine that Elizabeth received and I feel we need to be very watchful and efficient with this one. I feel this clearing will do wonders for her. No traditional scientific proof just mother’s intuition. Which for some, is the most accurate way to go. So there it is.


So far, we had some left side exteriorizations on Elizabeth’s back. The pediarix vaccine was administered on the left side also. Same itchy, red lumps that reduce in 2 days or so. What is interesting about these things is, a red mark remains for about 2 weeks. Best example I can give is chicken pox. Though the itching has subsided and the scabbing is gone (no scabs with exteriorization) the small red dot remains longer.  This has been true of all CEASE/ homeopathy  exteriorizations for Elizabeth. Though I do not like to see her uncomfortable, it is wonderful for me because we are getting closer to freeing her of these toxins. It is just a matter of time.

Elizabeth’s sleep has been interrupted also. Last Tuesday night (7/3 day after Pedarix 30C) she fell out of bed and hit her shoulder on the hardwood floor. Her scream led us into her room but after a few stokes of her head she was out again. Thank God! She did sustain a major bruise but all else is forgotten. Last week she wondered out of her bed and tried to sleep with her brother Gabriel. She gave that up and fell to sleep in her room on her area rug instead. At least she is not up screaming and uncomfortable, finding on her floor asleep is better for everyone. Thank you God!

Her restlessness has also been exhibited through her trying to go outside by herself. Thank God for all of my deputies and the brass locks on top of all the doors. She is so fast. As soon as she spies the door unlocked to take the dogs out she is trying to go out without accompaniment. Man, can she run fast. I mean, I am a pretty fast runner but this little chick hauls. She’s all legs! Fortunately, between William, Ian, Martin and myself she does not get too far.  But she does try. We give her a consequence for going outside without permission. I give her time outs in her room and she is very good about it. She gets the same consequences the other kids get for things that I know she understands. We also explained to her about safety and letting people know where she is. Since then, her attempts to go AWOL have waned considerably. Her maturity is very encouraging. We just need to work on the safety factors more and we will be golden. Yeah Elizabeth!!

Another interesting development when we started this clearing she was throwing a fit to get her way. As she was throwing her fit, I picked up my iphone and started to film what was taking place. Elizabeth noticed me filming and she instantly stopped. I did not say anything to her, she made a conscious decision to stop bad behavior. YES! She gets it. My guess is, she gets embarrassed when she sees herself acting out. She has been using my iphone constantly. She browses through my photo library, the aps, everything. She must have seen herself and thought yikes, this is not a good thing.  This little woman is in there.  She just needs to be shown that it is okay and safe to come out on all levels.

Elizabeth has had some speech clarity improvements also. The manner in which she says most things has improved drastically since the second week of this clearing. Her desire to be independent has changed also. This would explain her desire to be free to go outside whenever she pleases. For example: With confidence Elizabeth will go the frig, get herself a leftover hamburger. Close the frig door. Place the burger on the counter, proceed to the cabinet for a hamburger bun, place the burger in the bun, place it on the counter, return to the frig, get the mustard, close the door, ask for help with the “yellow” and watch as I do it to her liking. She proceeds to put the mustard back in the frig and get the ketchup “red” and watch as I place it on her burger. She ends it with getting a plate and sitting at the table. This blew me away yesterday. She is maturing more and more. It is wonderful to see. All of these little things make my day!! Way to go Elizabeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth is very interested in reading again. I have been using basic readers with her until now. She is no longer interested in the basic text. She brings me biographies on John Quincy Adams, The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm (762 pages) and The Twelve Labors of Hercules to name a few. At first, I would explain to her that these are difficult, lengthy books. Last week I decided to try to read to her from the books she is bringing to me. Books without pictures do not last for more than 2 minutes. To my surprise she sat with me and listened for 40 minutes or more. UNHEARD OF FOR HER!!! This is the stuff we are seeing lately.

I must remember to indulge her with all requests and allow her to show me what she is ready for. My biggest concern is to unintentionally keep her from excelling, growing and evolving. I pray that God will bless me with the discernment I need to see what she is ready for and encourage her when she is ready. This is the same prayer I have for all 9 of my kids. As parents we all want them to be happy, productive and safe. Elizabeth is no exception.

Our last change has been regarding her bowel movements. Elizabeth passed some yellow, nugget shaped items. Todd said they looked like garbanzo beans, I thought they looked more like large kernels of unpopped popcorn. Her excessive belching is another factor. This little girl belches from her toes. It is amazing.  Elizabeth has not ingested anything that like either of the fore mentioned items. Go figure! Another mystery. Whatever they were, her behavior and sleep improved after she passed them.

Another note. Elizabeth’s bowel movements were smelling a little yeasty. This is very common with autistic kids due to candida. I buy raw yogurt from our local dairy but she will not eat it. I love the stuff. I use it to make tandoori chicken, dressings, etc. Since she is not completely toilet trained, I spread this wonderful stuff in her center of her pull up and she can take it in that way. Within two weeks the odor disappeared. Best way to get all that great bacteria in her system without causing stress. Only drag, it is cold. Burr!!!

Elizabeth, Katie, Amelia and I went to our local florist to send my mom some flowers for her 80th birthday. Elizabeth loves to walk to the shop and check out their entire plush animal section. She is collecting puppies at this point in time. She decided this on her own. So far, she has named her puppies Pugo, Buster and Scruffy. It is very cute to see her doing all of this little girl stuff. Check out this video to see what happened that day. God bless Terrence from Roaring Oaks Florist, he made her day and mine.

I am very grateful that this clearing has not been too difficult. Believe me, she is not difficulty free. In comparison to what took place in the past this is nothing. I hope it continues this way until I feel better. All of the stress, lack of sleep and just life has taken its toll on me. My adrenals are shot and my TMJ pain is off the charts. Word to the wise. Get all of the sleep you can. Autism is a sleep thief and your adrenals suffer. The amount of stress on the body can not go on forever.  There are great books out there on the subject. My favorite is Adrenal Fatigue. He tells you how it happens and how to help yourself.


I end this entry with this prayer.

Dear God grant all of us the strength, faith, wisdom, discernment and hope that we need during our children’s recovery process. May we grow, change, heal and evolve right along with our precious children. May our families be at peace once again and allow autism to lose it’s hold on our children and our hearts. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

May 21 2012 Varicella 10M Round Three

Latest Information:

current remedy: Saccharum Officinale 30C  (remedy made from fresh stem of the sugar cane)

date of last dosing:  05 19 2012
current CEASE clearing and dose:  Varicella Round 3 10M as of 05 21 2012

Completed CEASE clearings to date Hep B (2 rounds) , Dtap, MMR (3 rounds) Varicella ( 2 rounds)

Beginning Date of CEASE therapy:  June 21, 2010

aggravations: vomiting, low fever

current supplements: Omega 3, Ascorbyl Palmitate, milk thistle  400 mg

returning old symptoms :   blowing of saliva, craving salt, noise sensitivity

significant positive behaviors:   very affectionate, obeying when asked to do something, imaginative play, trying new activities, speech clarity, improved writing skills

current cell salt:  Nat Sulph 6x, Calc Phos 6X


Hello All,

Elizabeth feeling yucky 05 21 2012

Lizzy slept very well. The “pink moon bath” was a complete success. All was fine and grand until I gave her the Varicella 10M dose. Within 1 hour she was fussy and upset. Believe me, these moments are nothing like before, but they still can be challenging.  30 minutes went by and she threw up. I felt her forehead and she was very warm. Elizabeth threw up one more time and after that she was great! No warm body, no nothing. Go figure. Elizabeth has not thrown up after a remedy dosing in a very long time. I guesstimate about 3 years. This Varicella 10M is not easy for her. The wonderful part is, the aggravation did not last more than 1 hour. Thank God.

After that, she was very happy, verbal, compliant and her old self again. Thank God these minor setbacks are short-lived and not too intense. I look back on those days with amazement. How do we ever get through it? Love for our child, endurance, patience and lots of praying. If I do not P R A Y I become P R E Y. My doubts and fears take over and the battle begins. I begin to battle with myself. Am I doing enough for Elizabeth, Todd and the kids? Am I seeing everything that I need to see? Am I going to repeat past mistakes? Oh brother!! I get tired just typing the words. These moments would completely undermine my ability to be the person that I aspire to be. What a waste of time. Through the grace of God I do not allow this to happen as much as I used to.

Amelia 05 21 2012

Saturday was Amelia’s 19th birthday. My mom and I purchased a new sewing machine for her and she was delighted. Her interests have been leading in this direction for quite some time. Now she can make all of the cool stuff she has been dreaming about. I do not sew at all so she is flying solo. Though I am willing to help, she is venturing out into the unknown, on her own. That’s what growing up is all about.

As Amelia explored her new gift Elizabeth spied the empty box. She took it and dragged it off to play with. She sat in it, put her stuffed toys in it and had a blast. Kids and boxes. So many times over the years I wondered why I even purchased the contents. My kids love big boxes. Their imagination takes over and hours of fun and fights take place.

Matthew and Katie 05 21 2012

I love how resourceful they can be. Boy, this mindset sure has come in handy when it comes to raising 9 kids. Especially one with autism. Sometimes there is not money for therapies, aps, ipads, trampolines, swings whatever. But The Lord will provide. As I reflect upon this so-called dilemma, I realize that it must not be the right time for such things. Or I need to find another way to fill the need. If the doors continue to close, I let it go for a while. In the beginning of our journey, we had Elizabeth in every therapy available to us. I believed then, that it had to happen NOW! She needs this NOW! I just wanted her to get better and help her as much as possible. Though my heart was in the right place, it was not what she NEEDED yet. God knows better than I. So if we REALLY NEED IT, it will happen at the right time.  Patience has never been one of my strong points. Slowly I am getting better about it. Wanting to help so badly I lose focus from time to time. After having a pity party, a good cry and doing some heavy praying I feel more patient. Stop, pray and wait. It is the best way for me to handle everything.

Queen Annes Lace

Lizzy continues to do well 2 days after her dose of 10M. She will receive one more dose tomorrow and then we will watch and wait again. Will speak to her homeopath next week so we can decide on the next step for Elizabeth. Until then I will continue with her supplements, baths, school, exercise and diet. The days are short and the list is long but we are getting most of it done. Triage. Some things are unintentionally forgotten but we always manage to get it done eventually.

May God grant us the strength, endurance and abilities that we need to help our precious gifts from God. Whether it is 9 kids or 1. It is a labor of love that is challenging and rewarding. Without them we would not be the people we hope to be.

Until next time…

05 20 2012 Vaicella Round 3 “Pink Moon Bath”

Quick post.

Great results on the “Pink Moon Baths” !

I followed the process listed on our last entry and we had some great results. Elizabeth, Todd and Martin each took a bath in the pink Himalayan salt. All three were very relaxed and happy afterwards. Elizabeth did not give me any verbal feedback but her behavior was very calm initially. Within 3 hours she became a little hyper. She was very content and happy just active and awake. Hopefully she will crash and sleep really well. Her sleep has not been an issue for quite some time so I am hoping it will not become an issue again. Just hoping to help get rid of the junk in her system.

Todd (Elizabeth’s dad) was so relaxed and mellow. I have not seen him like this in a very long time. His response was “We need to do this all of the time. I feel wonderful! You and I work really hard and we need this kind of stuff more often. When can we do it again?” Sounds like a happy customer. If Lizzy does not benefit from it, he sure has. There is always a purpose for things.

Martin said, “Mom, I have not felt this good in a long time.” His entire demeanor was one of contentment and relaxation. For those of you who do not know Martin, he can be very tense and withdrawn from time to time plus he is 17. So this kind of cleansing can do wonders for him. Two out of three got great results. Can’t wait to try it myself.

We will test the waters (pun intended) when the next full moon comes around which is June 3. I will do it with the same three as today but we will also get feedback from Ian and Amelia. Being age 20 and 19 they can provide me with more info. I was going to do it tonight but Todd and Martin seemed to need it more than I. Triage. Will have to do it another day and report my feelings as well.

dovetailElizabeth has been doing well and she has exteriorizations on her right side again. This time they are on her lower back. Hmmmmm? Could be because she saw her osteopath the same day I gave her the second 1M dose. I did this intentionally. Wanted to see what happened.  Her treatments with him always kick the clearings or remedies into high gear. These two modalities dove tail each other perfectly. They are a great fit!

Thought we would be finished with this clearing but I feel we should do it one more time to be sure. Need to discuss it with her homeopath but my gut says one more time. She was given the shot twice, and it is a live virus. I am not saying that one has to do a clearing twice because one had the shot twice, but these buggers are nasty. These live virus clearings seem to require more attention than the others. Will have to wait and see what her homeopath and I come up with.

Monday May 21st we start Varicella 10M. Hopefully, it will not be too intense for Elizabeth. Either way it has to be done. We must free her system of these toxins that plague her. So here we go. Always hoping, always praying.

May God grant all of us the strength, patience and endurance we need each and everyday. Through Him all things are possible!

Blessings to all.

May 18 2012 Varicella 1M Round Three

current remedy: Saccharum Officinale 30C  (remedy made from fresh stem of the sugar cane)

date of last dosing:  05 12 2012
current CEASE clearing and dose:  Varicella Round 3 1M as of 05 17 2012

Completed CEASE clearings to date Hep B (2 rounds) , Dtap, MMR (3 rounds) Varicella ( 2 rounds)

Beginning Date of CEASE therapy:  June 21, 2010

current supplements: Omega 3, Ascorbyl Palmitate, milk thistle  400 mg

returning old symptoms :   blowing of saliva, craving salt

significant positive behaviors:   very affectionate, obeying when asked to do something, imaginative play, trying new activities

current cell salt:  Nat Sulph 6x, Calc Phos 6X


Hello All,

Elizabeth’s Umbrella 5/15/12

Elizabeth has been doing well on this clearing. We have seen some great advances with affection, patience and communication. She had a visit with our osteopath on Thursday 5 17 12. She was very engaging and wanted a kiss from him. She presented her cheek to him and waited for a kiss. It was very sweet. The entire session was filled with patience and willingness. I am so glad she is willing to undergo this treatment again. If you remember, the last few sessions have been a nightmare. Since she is willing and open to the treatment again, we will be seeing our D.O. every two weeks.

One day after her treatment (5 17) she was more verbal and her writing improved drastically. Today she wrote the alphabet all on her own and in order. The letters were all upper case and very legible. Her drawings have improved also. Maybe she will be like her dad and become an artist. Time will tell.

Elizabeth has also been learning how to use a bat and ball. We place the ball on the top of an orange construction cone, show her how to place her hands on the bat, how to place her feet, bend her knees slightly, count to three and SMACK. Off it goes. She is not hitting it too hard yet. But she is willing and will repeat the actions by herself. THIS IS VERY ENCOURAGING!! I am going to make her a mat as a reminder of where to place her feet. Also, we will be placing colored tape on the bat to remind her where to place her hands correctly.  My hope is, eventually we won’t need the reminders at all.  One day at a time…


One thing we have been doing to combat the effects of this live virus clearing is cleaning our rooms with essential oils, a white candle and indoor plants. We placed large brass hooks on the outside of the doors, high out of reach. This enables me to keep all little people out of the room while the floor dries and the candle is burning.  After 20 years of parenting I always assume that they will touch it. So, safety first.

Below is the process we use every other day or so.

Open the windows

Place a lit white candle in the room.

Add indoor pollution fighting plants


Fill a bucket with water, 3 drops of lavender oil and 3 drops of mint oil

Wipe down the furniture, doors and floor


Close the door and let the floor dry. The candle, fresh air and plants do the rest. I wait at least thirty minutes before reentering the room. We extinguish the candle, remove the plants ( I have to because the “littles” might mess with them) and we are good to go. The whole room feels so much better! It removes all of the funk, fatigue and what have you. This enables one to start over with a clean slate. Some poo this, but it has done wonders for our household.

Elizabeth and I will be starting a new regimen coming this Sunday. Elizabeth showed me that she is craving salt again. Last week she was licking our salt shaker, so I researched it and found out some great stuff. Instead of using Epsom salt for her baths we will be using pink Himalayan salt instead. Will try it also so I can get an idea of what really happens. We purchase this in bulk for cooking now so we have an additional use for it. Plus, it looks very decorative sitting in a glass jar in the bathroom.  Love multi purpose purchases!

pink Himalayan salt

I placed pink Himalayan salt in her bath last week and she loved it.  She submerged herself in the water and just hung out. NO wonder she liked it. The info I found online states that if one uses 2.5 pounds of pink Himalayan salt to take a bath during the new moon and the full moon (thalassotherapy) the detox ability is increased. One does not dry themselves off afterwards. You air dry and let the salt do it’s thing. The article suggests that one should not apply anything to the skin. Plus you need to go and lay down for a bit because one will feel a bit loopy from the detox. The first “pink bath” Elizabeth had, I did not use that much salt or follow the other directions. Since I found this new info. I will be following the regimen the article suggested with her on Sunday 5 20 (new moon) and the next few full or new moons that come our way.

Elizabeth used to be very sensitive to the full moon cycles, so I am hoping this will help her detox faster. Using this salt for baths is very popular in spas and the like. I can not afford to indulge in such relaxing activities so we are doing our version of it at home. We will use a candle and essential oils in the bathroom as she bathes. I never leave her alone in the tub so no need to worry about the candle. Can’t wait to see what happens this Sunday night and the following morning. Every bit helps.

A lot of healing has taken place since our last entry and I hope it continues. Elizabeth leaned over while sitting next to me a few days ago and said “I love you very much”. This is the stuff we are seeing lately. More detail, more expression, more maturity, more of all the great things that make our hearts smile. Our little girl is emerging more and more. I hope and pray this will continue next week. 10M is a very strong potency so with God’s help we will have more healing and more knowledge of how to help Elizabeth feel better. It is just a matter of time.

May God grant all of us the healing, hope, strength and endurance that we need to get through the day.  Hope and blessings to all.

Until next time…

May 8 2012 Varicella Round Three

current remedy: Saccharum Officinale 30C  (remedy made from fresh stem of the sugar cane)

date of last dosing:  05 05 2012     
current CEASE clearing and dose:  Varicella Round 3 200c as of 05 07 2012

Completed CEASE clearings to date Hep B (2 rounds) , Dtap, MMR (3 rounds) Varicella ( 2 rounds)

Beginning Date of CEASE therapy:  June 21, 2010

current supplements: Omega 3, Ascorbyl Palmitate, milk thistle  400 mg

returning old symptoms :   impatience, blowing of saliva, screaming

significant positive behaviors:   very affectionate, obeying when asked to do something, imaginative play is excellent!

current cell salt:  Nat Sulph 6x, Calc Phos 6X


Hello All,

Short entry today …

It has been about 2 months since our last blog entry and we had some changes. We decided to start our 3rd Varicella clearing last week and have seen a lot of the same.  Slow but sure. Very subtle changes, I know this will change soon enough. We just have to wait it out.

Lizzy has now requested to be called “Elizabeth”. We did call her Lizzy or Lulu but she wants to be called by her given name. When we accidently call her by her nickname she says, “Not Lulu, Elizabeth!” How cute!! She is maturing and expressing her likes and dislikes, it is very encouraging.

Everything has been going slow, but sure.  I am anxious to see what this clearing brings about.  She has had one exteriorization on her right leg. The same lumps that itch and this time they are further down and closer to her ankle. This is just what we want to see. The closer they get to her feet, the closer we are to moving these toxins out.

Will keep you informed of any changes. 

Always hopeful…

March 13 2012 New Remedy, New Homeopath, New Awareness

current remedy: Saccharum Officinale 30C  (remedy made from fresh stem of the sugar cane)

date of last dosing:  03 08 2012     
number of current remedy doses to date: 2    
dates of remedy dosing: 03 14 2012         03 08 2012          

 current CEASE clearing and dose:  n/a

Completed CEASE clearings to date Hep B (2 rounds) , Dtap, MMR (3 rounds) Varicella ( 2 rounds)

Beginning Date of CEASE therapy:  June 21, 2010

current supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder, milk thistle  400 mg

returning old symptoms :   impatience, blowing of saliva, jumping on trampoline often, fussing and not communicating initially, craving chocolate, requesting baths daily

significant positive behaviors:   very affectionate, desire to learn to write and read, more advanced speech in context, obeying when asked to do something, imaginative play is excellent!

current cell salt:  Nat Sulph 6x, Kali Phos 6X


Hello All,

Lizzy's drawings after Sacc Off 30 CLizzy has been doing well with her new remedy and we have seen some subtle changes. Her willingness to communicate has increased and her clarity of speech is very encouraging. For example, when I call for her to come here she replies “Coming”. Her ability to obey and answer us more frequently is very good news.

Lizzy’s drawing skills have improved along with her writing. The only problem we have is after she wakes up. She comes down stairs and is very engaging. Suddenly she becomes impatient and squawks. I noticed that the veins on her temples are very visible. That is a deficiency of Silica. I gave her Silica 6X (cell salt)  and put a headband on her. Amazing how calm she became.  Though these things are not the cure, they help me to understand what she needs and help her ride out the uncomfortable feelings she is experiencing.

Another instance, she can be  fussy upon waking and not willing to communicate what she needs. She will hit people and be very difficult. I told her to take a sip of her pineapple juice because it helps calm one down. (Hypoglycemic tendencies?)  She proceeded to walk away from me and went to take a sip of her juice. She ate something and all was better. I love this ability/willingness to listen and interact more. This is wonderful news. Just being able to help her is so uplifting. Thank God!

A couple of days ago I was cooking one of Lizzy’s favorites, organic spaghetti with meatballs. She spied the spaghetti on the counter and watched what I was doing. Recently she is fascinated with knives while we are cooking. These knives are not in plain sight or available to her otherwise but she has a new interest in them.  Regardless of the safety precautions it is  a major concern for any parent of an autistic child. You never what they might do.

Lizzy reached for our Kyocera knife and I quickly told her no. I proceeded to explain that she could cut herself if she was not careful. Plus these knives are delicate and if one drops them they can chip and break very easily. I  moved the knife to a safe zone and she accepted that. This little girl needs tangible reasons for the answer no. She is more cooperative when she understands why.

As she continued to observe what I was doing,  I turned away from the counter and started to talk to Amelia. As I gave Amelia advice, Lizzy looked at me dead center with a huge smile, placed both hands on my chest and said “Mommy”. I was blown away by her sincerity and realization. She understands what a Mommy is!  All of the things she sees me doing every day is making sense now. I am her mommy!! 

This remedy’s work is very subtle and our constant observations of her are crucial in order for us to get an accurate picture of what is going on.  So this is what we will be doing. Before receiving the Sacc Off 30 C we went to see our D.O. It  was no fun to say the least. Lizzy could not wait to get to his office and within 5 minutes she was fighting him all the way. When this happens I know that she needs some special attention from him again. We lasted the entire 15 minutes but the rest of the day off and on was ridiculous. Impatience, screaming, the whole enchilada.

Todd was with Lizzy and I when we went to see our D.O. and Lizzy always acts up more when Todd is around. Bottom line. He is a real softy when it comes to Lizzy. As we left the office, Todd took Lizzy to the car and I finished up the administrative ends of the appt. When I entered our car she was requesting “Chicken fries.” I told her no, and Todd did not tell her that before I arrived. He chickened out! Apparently, she was repeating her request to him and he did not give her a clear answer. Oh Brother! After 20 years of parenting strong-willed kids (plus being one myself) I have learned that any gray area is perceived by them as maybe. Having to lay down the law I told her we could get her an ice cream treat but no chicken and fries.

Lizzy was satisfied with what I said and we proceeded down the road to get her ice cream. As I drove, Lizzy was singing in the sweetest little voice I have ever heard. Her annunciation of the lyrics was amazing. She was completely content again.

Until …

We passed a red and yellow restaurant that serves chicken and fries. She requested  we stop and I told her she could not eat that because it was not good for her.  All was fine. Lizzy was singing songs again.

Todd decided to quickly go into a drug store and she spied the restaurant in the distance. I repeated to her that “We are not going to have chicken and fries”. That was all it took. She went nuts! Kicking, screaming, drooling, the whole thing. I repeated myself one last time and told her the answer was “No”. Todd returned to the car, I looked at him and he read my eyes. He told Lizzy the same thing I did, no. By that time, she was full-blown and nothing was going to change it. I told her she can continue to be upset but the answer is no!! Lizzy continued for 15 minutes.

When we arrived home, I took her by the hand and escorted her to her room. I told her she can come back downstairs when she stopped crying. She continued for 5 more minutes in her room and eventually she came downstairs on her own.  This is what we do with all of our kids when they throw a fit. Sometimes there is nothing like a good cry. The plus side is these fits of hers would last longer than this one. Again,  old symptoms less severity.

After that was over Todd and I were wiped out. We were as crispy as the chicken and fries she wanted so badly. It has been quite a while since she was that upset. I was completely caught off guard. No wonder I used to be in a constant state of hyper vigilance.  How the heck did we survive this happening everyday 4 years ago? Those were some real tough times. I am so grateful to God that it occurs once in a while instead of all day, everyday.  It is amazing what one will endure for love.

Since this took place we will be waiting longer between visits to see our osteopath. Our new homeopath feels that he is getting her cerebral fluid moving around and that is the reason for her behavior after treatment. Plus, I want to get a clear picture of what the remedy is doing for her. If I have too many things going on at once I can not get a clear picture. So we will continue this way until Lizzy shows us something else.

This is a very slow, subtle time. We will let Lizzy guide us to what we need to do next. She might stay on this remedy for a bit and then go back to another CEASE clearing, We have to wait and see. Lizzy’s new homeopath is very knowledgeable and I like her style. She seems to “Get it” and I look forward to meeting her in person.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to every family dealing with autism. May each passing day get us closer to full recovery.

Until next time…

February 2, 2012 The Waiting Game

current remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

date of last dosing: 1 21 2012 ( 12 Days)          

current CEASE clearing and dose: none last Varicella dose given on 1/26/12

CEASE Clearings Completed To Date: Hep B (2 rounds) , Dtap, MMR (3 rounds) Varicella ( 2 rounds)

Beginning Date of CEASE therapy:  June 21, 2010

current supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder

returning old symptoms :   low speech, jumping on beds,  not using utensils when eating, noise sensitivity, rigid movements and feeling   Note: all of the old symptoms listed are with less severity

significant positive behaviors:   very affectionate, desire to learn to write and read

current cell salt:  Kali Phos 6x


Hello All,

Lizzy has been feeling the effects of the Varicella 10M clearing. This is our second Varicella clearing and I believe we need to do it one more time. Of course, it is up to our new CEASE therapist but my gut says we should do it one more time. We have a phone consult on Feb. 14th and I am very eager to speak with her. She comes very highly recommended by our last homeopath and more importantly, it feels right. Time will tell what we have to do next for Lizzy. Until then we will be watching and observing any changes.

On a happy note, Lizzy is more interested in school the last few days. She is very willing to sit and work on learning how to form letters. She wants to write again. This was not the case the last few weeks. She did not want to be told what to do or how to do it. Typical behavior for her. Lizzy can be very stubborn and her willingness to sit and learn is a welcome change. There is nothing worse than one’s teaching falling on deaf ears. Especially when it is your own child. It can be very stressful. Like all of my other kids I am waiting for her to want to join in. Forcing her into things when she is not feeling well is insane. I have talked about this in the past and the steps to this dance can be tricky. I am still working without the aid of a consultant. This will hopefully change soon. As soon as the funds are available, we will sign up with a woman who works exclusively with special needs kids. I can’t wait to collaborate with her. “When the student is ready, the master will appear.” Just have to do what Lizzy told me last year, “Wait, wait, wait.”

Until then, here is a video of Lizzy after getting her hair combed. As you can see, I am not looking my best, but off we went. She hugged me and it went from there. She was very calm and expressive.

During the video I am whispering in her ear and telling her things that she likes to do. When I stopped talking about her and switched to what I like to do she said, “Stop that.” You can figure out the rest.